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Yamamoto Sound Craft
cartridge mounting high rigidity bolt and washers set

Product code: wa-bt-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft cartridge mounting high rigidity bolt and washers set

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Familiar sound improved by one rank

Improved sound quality with high rigidity

Set of highly rigid screws and washers for weight balance adjustment of cartridges.
The aluminum screws generally used have low strength, which is a disadvantage in terms of sound quality. The cartridge picks up the unevenness of the record disc as a music signal and reproduces it. The headshell has a large impact on sound quality, of course, but the screws that hold the cartridge in place also have a large effect on the sound. Using strong screws to fasten cartridges can improve sound quality.
Two types of bolts can be selected, one made of titanium alloy and the other made of brass. The set includes two of each of several different lengths and a nut. The included nut is small (4 mm on the opposite side) and can be used in the groove of the cartridge body without difficulty. WA-1 is a brass washer with non-magnetic undercoating and 24-karat gold plating that can be used to increase the weight of an analog cartridge when it is mounted in a headshell. A longer screw is used in combination with the WA-1 to adjust the weight of the headshell and cartridge included. For fine adjustment, adjusting the number of nuts and length of bolts makes it possible to unify the weight of the headshell section and makes it easier to use. If the total weight of the cartridge and headshell is unified, it will eliminate the need for needle pressure adjustment when replacing the carriage, making cartridge replacement easier.

WA-1 is a set of 10 washers made of brass with non-magnetic base treatment and 24k gold plating.
BT-1 is a lightweight, high-rigidity screw made of titanium alloy, and BT-2 is a brass screw with a non-magnetic base treatment and 24-karat gold plating.

Format Large brass washer for M3 and M2.6
Dimensions 11mm diameter, 3.1mm inside diameter, 2mm thickness
Weight 1.47g/1 piece

Format Bolt and nut for cartridge mounting
Set Contents Plus head titanium bolts M2.6 length 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 2 each total 8 pcs. 2 gold-plated brass nuts, 4mm side type
Material Titanium alloy bolt fabric finish (light black), brass gold-plated nut

Type Bolt and nut for cartridge mounting
Set Contents M2.6 bolt length 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25mm each 10 M2.6 nuts with 4mm opposite sides
Material Brass, non-magnetic base treatment, 24k gold plating