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Yamamoto Sound Craft
cartridge mounting high rigidity bolt and washers set

Product code: wa-bt-2

Yamamoto Sound Craft cartridge mounting high rigidity bolt and washers set

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Sound-saved sound improves one rank

High rigidity and sound quality improvement

Set of high rigidity screws and cartridge weight balance adjustment washer.
Commonly used aluminum screws have low intensity and have disadvantages on the sound quality. The cartridge has the concave convex of the record panel as a music signal and reproduces the vibration effectively appears. Of course, the effects of head shell sound quality are large, but screws that secure the cartridge also affect the sound. Stopping the cartridge using a high intensity screw has the effect of improving the sound quality.
Bolts can be selected as two types of titanium alloy and brass. Two sides of the length are set to a set of two sides. The supplied nuts are smaller than 4 mm faces, and can also be used for the grooves of the cartridge body. WA-1 is a brass-made nonmagnetic undervised washer that can be used for the purpose of increasing weight when attaching an analog cartridge to the head shell. Use a long screw to adjust the weight including the head shell and cartridge in combination with WA-1. Fine adjustment allows you to unify the weight of the head shell by adjusting the number of nuts and the length of the bolt. When the total weight of the cartridge and the head shell is unified, the needle pressure adjustment is eliminated and the cartridge can be easily replaced when curring.

WA-1 is a brass and nonmagnetic undetermined 24 gold plated finish washer set.
BT-1 is a lightweight high rigidity screw of titanium alloy. BT-2 is a nonmagnetic undetermined 24 gold-plated brass screw.

format M3, M2.6 brass large washer
External dimensions 11 mm in diameter, inner diameter 3.1 mm, thickness 2 mm
weight 1.47g / 1 piece