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Solid Aug-Line
USB cable

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Solid Aug-Line USB cable

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Provide ironclad noise suppression

USB cable with thorough noise suppression

This is a cutaway of the company's digital cable "Solid AuGrain USB Cable". The conductor is a 4-core twisted digital cable using an ideal balance of AuGrain, an alloy of gold and silver, and AuGrain+Pt, the world's first triple blend of high-purity platinum, gold, and silver, which was created through long-term research and development as an advanced material.
PTFE, which has superior properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great impact on sound quality.

The cable has a structure compliant with USB 2.0 standards, with a double-layered structure of aluminum polyester and braided shielding, and a drain wire to provide iron-clad noise countermeasures. The metals and insulation materials used do not contain any substances stipulated by the RoHS Directive.

Although not as good as the Solid Ograin USB Special Edition, the sound from the PC has a great luster, resonance, depth, and three-dimensionality. Considering the price difference, the cost performance is quite high.
All high-end USB cables are not easy to handle, but this cable is very easy to handle and is as soft as a cheap cable. I felt that it had a wide range without any peculiarities. I can recommend this cable as a cable that handles well and sounds great.
Usage environment: Car: Subaru Impreza (GH8)
Carrozzeria Naviraku Navi (AVIC-HRZ88 + CD-UB10)
+ Orgline USB Special Edition cable
Front speakers - Carrozzeria TS-17A170W coaxial
(Deadened) Augline + 15cm (Aug PTFE coated wire (0.8mmΦ) with wire leaning)
Rear Speakers - Carrozzeria TS-J1610A 120W Coaxial
(without deadening)
Localization is better than before. The spread of the female vocal's voice is wider than before. The sound from the lower side has been raised and it is easier to hear overall. The treble range is higher and more angular. The overall sound was muffled before, but now the sound is clearer and I can hear instruments that I couldn't hear before. I can hear the breath of the vocalist's voice. I was surprised that a USB cable could make such a difference. However, I don't think it is originally meant for car audio, and the wiring is a little stiff, so I had a little trouble storing it.