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Yoshiba Sound Industry TYPE-T 003 MC Trance

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Yoshiba Sound Industry TYPE-T 003 MC Trance

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An aesthetic sound with depth and deep body...

The transformer is made in the U.S.A. with the same characteristics as the best Japanese-made transformers, and an annealed L-core is used for the core.
The casing is made of machined aluminum block, and the RCA terminals are gold-plated by WBT of Germany.
The tone is bright from the high frequency range, the mid-range is clear and rich, the low frequency range is restrained and moderately expressive, and even delicate sounds are reproduced beautifully.
Gain 30dB
Frequency Response 4Hz~180kHz
Input 1 system
Input impedance
Load impedance 47kΩ
Dimensions W142 x H88 x D125mm
Weight 1.6kg
The "Beethoven" is a straightforward Hambre Steinway sound. Both tonally and in terms of balance, the cartridge's characteristics were brought out. The reproduction of "Barbra" is powerful and moves the listener. Her voice was clear and transparent, with a long high frequency range. In "Brahms," Alban Berg's skillful performance was well drawn out, and the tone was not so brilliant, but rather calm. The clapping at the beginning of the piece is not muddy, and it comes out with a fine grain. The violins are convincing and sound beautiful, giving the impression of flying angels. The midrange is also well reproduced and has some meat to it.
The characteristics of the cartridge are well brought out. It is a little slender and the low frequency range is not so dynamic, but the reproduction is as if the signal deep in the grooves of the record has been scooped out. It is a transformer with an honest tone. The sound is characterized by the high frequency range. If the balance is achieved with a preamplifier, the transparency that is the characteristic of this transformer will come to life and produce a wonderful reproduction sound. We did not seek an increase in power by adding the transformer, and it seems to have amplified the sound of the cartridge in a straightforward manner.
*Tubes & Bulbs Kingdom Vol. 93 Excerpt