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Yamamoto Sound Crafts Fingers for TY-1 Headshell

Product code: ty-1

Yamamoto Sound Crafts Fingers for TY-1 Headshell

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Enjoy the change of sound

Amazingly, the sound changes


TY-1 is a finger rest for headshells. The body is made of lightweight and highly rigid pure titanium, with an O-ring made of silicone to prevent slipping.
The TY-1 is designed to improve sound quality by giving strength to the finger rest, which is usually made of aluminum or other thin and soft materials.
If your headshell uses M2 size screws, it can be installed without any problem.

By replacing the existing finger hook with a highly rigid titanium round bar, the rigidity of the entire headshell, which was slightly shaky during playback with the existing finger hook, is increased, resulting in a tighter sound and a clearer sound image. The silicone O-ring attached to the tip of the head shell is removable to prevent slippage, allowing the user to enjoy the change in sound.
Type Fingering for replacement headshells
Dimensions Length 20mm, Max. diameter 3mm, Thread M2 length 2.5mm
Weight 0.45g
The TY-1 titanium finger hook is made of a hard material and is rod-shaped, so there is no concern about squeaking. After listening to a normal sound with the company's brass finger-hook, I switched to the TY-1. The sound image became more refined and tighter than I had expected. At the same time, I noticed a faint accent in the wide range of sound that accompanies the brass finger rests. It was a double surprise. If you are using a finger rest with M2 screws, you are in luck. I recommend you to "tune" your finger rest.
The effect of the non-slip silicone O-ring is also not insignificant. It is quiet when it is attached, and sounds open and resonant when it is removed. I decided to remove it.