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Terminator SP noise filter for speaker

Product code: TS-SP-1

Aug-Line Terminator SP noise filter for speaker

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Eliminates noise and increases sound purity

Noise absorption and elimination module developed for speakers

Winner of Audio Accessory magazine's 2013 Audio Excellence Award, Special AwardTerminator PWwhich won a special award in Audio Accessory magazine's 2013 Audio Excellence Awards.
The structure is made of an augmented alloy that combines gold, silver, and platinum in an optimum balance, and inside is a fusion of noise-absorbing elements and fine ceramics.
It is expected to be effective in all AC parts of audio (both AC and signal).
The inside uses a terminator element with noise absorption effect, and the cable section is made of plenty of aug alloy.

The Augurine Terminator SP is inserted between the speaker side of the speaker cable you are currently using and the speaker terminals.
Normally, using only the HOT side (red line) of the left and right speaker cables is sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

The thick Y-lug terminals made of an auger alloy provide good contact when tightened, and the speaker cable side accepts all types of terminals.
Two cables come in a set, so if you use two cables for L/R, you will need two sets.

I put it between the positive side of the speaker cable and the speaker terminals as instructed, and was particularly impressed by the way it lowered the center of gravity of the sound. As with the power supply, the purity of the sound is increased and it becomes more pleasant to the ear. The sound pressure is also slightly lower, but this fine texture is very addictive. The sound is rich and deep, like a well-cooked beef stroganoff, an expression I sometimes use. Once you get into this direction of sound, it is certainly a sound that other audio accessories cannot produce easily.Elements used inside TerminatorThe elements used inside Terminator are also sold, and some people use several (or even a large number) of them inside components, which is understandable.
*audio accessory