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Terminator SP noise filter for speaker

Product code: TS-SP-1

Aug-Line Terminator SP noise filter for speaker

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Eliminate noise, increase the purity

Terminator SP was developed as noise absorption and removal device.

It is equipped terminator element inside, has noise absorption effect. The cable part is supplied "Aug alloy" abundantly.
Connect it between existing speaker cable and speaker terminal.

In normal condition, it is enough effective to connect it with only HOT side of both L/R speakers. Further more, it also additional connects COLD side is moreover effective.
It takes 30hours aging for pulling out full performance.
2piece per 1 set, then if it needs for both L/R speaker, it needs 4 piece per 2 set.


Aug-Line Terminator SP is same conductor of Award winning "Terminator PW". It seems terminating subtle high-frequency noise ingredient which is contained in sound. It is fine quality. Following the instruction, to connect between + side of speaker cable and speaker terminal. It was quiet impressive for the center of gravity of sound was deeper, Higher purity of treble range, comfortable sound. It is very fine, richness and great depth. Aug-Line Terminator SP is different approach to make a solution from the other noise filters. The other audio accessories seem to difficult to express this Terminator SP sound.