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TO-KT66PMA Stereo Pre-main amplifier

Product code: TO-PMA-1

ASTOR TO-KT66PMA Stereo Pre-main amplifier

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Faithful reproduction of the original sound source

Faithful reproduction of the original sound source

Astro Denshi Kikaku's products have a beautiful appearance made of vacuum tubes and metal processing, and a rich amount of information and high purity sound quality to faithfully reproduce the original sound source. Carefully selected materials are carefully crafted one by one by skilled artisans. The internal parts of the amplifier are carefully selected and manufactured by the same skilled craftsmen as those used in high-end models, resulting in an amplifier that produces high-quality music reproduction similar to that of high-end models.

The TO series chassis is made of 2mm-thick aluminum material anodized in champagne gold or silver color, and the internal structure is made of 2mm-thick 52S alloy aluminum material in a two-stage structure as a component mounting material to increase the vibration damping effect. The foot is made of a combination of machined aluminum and rubber material for vibration isolation. The circuit components are also carefully selected for their high quality in pursuit of good sound quality.

The TO-KT66PMA is a stereo pre-main amplifier with sufficient power to meet the needs of the Astro Denshi project.
It has Astro Denshi's original noise processing and the highly transparent and unadorned original sound reproduction inherited from the high-end models, and it also has the broadness of nostalgia that can handle any genre without any difficulty.
The self-bias function allows you to easily replace compatible vacuum tubes for enjoyment. The self-bias capacitor used by Astro Denshi Kikaku is an order of magnitude larger than the 200~300 micro capacitors used by most other manufacturers, at 8000 micro. This allows the sound to be expressed well even when the volume is turned down.

For those who want to get the best sound possible but do not want to spend a lot of space and effort, the AS-KT66PMA is the perfect pre-main amplifier. It consists of a power amplifier section and a phono equalizer section for MM, which are noise-prevented by direct connection without passing through unnecessary circuits by omitting the flat amp. The sound quality is as good as Astro Electronics' high-end amplifier series, and you will enjoy the clear and transparent sound quality without muddiness and faithful reproduction of the original sound.
Vacuum Tube KT66 x4, 12AX7 x4, 12AU7 x3
Transformer used PT-160/PT-300x1, HW-40-8 x2, LC-1-400 x1
Outputs 30W x 30W / UL connected, self-biased 300B: 15W x 15W / UL connected, self-biased
Frequency Response 10Hz~60kHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV/1W
Input impedance LINE: 100kΩ PHONO: 47kΩ
Size W470 x H150 x D370mm
Weight Approx. 15kg
The sound field is natural and wide, with good sound separation and suppleness, and detailed sounds are naturally clear and expressive. It has depth, a wide range, and a pleasant directness. The carefully crafted anti-vibration structure provides analog playback with a high level of information and excellent S/N ratio. The sound of the phono input is highly complete, expressing the charm of the sound source well and matching the sound trend of the power amplifier section. The soundstage is rich and expansive, and the bass range is dependable. Vocals are vivid and vocals are rich and majestic. The bass range is stable and thick, immersing you in the music. The overall tone is bright, transparent, and supple, with a wide range of expression and a modern, attractive sound.