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TO-588HSIN Multi Input Power amplifier

Product code: TO-HSIN-1

ASTOR TO-588HSIN Multi Input Power amplifier

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Output Suga is also available.

Main amplifier without flat amp function

Power amplifier with three inputs and increased functionality

TO-588HSIN is a power amplifier jointly designed by Exclusive Audio and Astro Electronics. It is designed to meet the needs of users who do not listen to vinyl records, but wish to use a single amplifier for multiple players like a pre-main amplifier. Since the flat amp/phono equalizer function is omitted, it contributes to a significant cost reduction.
The TO-588HSIN uses high-spec HASHIMOTO transformers for all power transformers, along with increased capacity.TO-KT88KGINThe sound is extended over the entire range of the TO-588HSIN compared to the TO-KT88KGIN, with the mid and high frequencies becoming clearer and clearer, and the low frequencies becoming more robust and poised. The sound field has been widened, and the presence of each individual instrument in an orchestra has been accentuated by the increased three-dimensionality, and the extension of the high frequency range of the trombone instruments, which had been hidden and inaudible, can now be heard.

The products are carefully crafted one by one by skilled artisans using carefully selected materials, and the brand boasts a beautiful appearance, a wealth of information, and a pure sound. With Astro Denshi's unique noise processing and the highly transparent and unadorned reproduction of the original sound inherited from the high-end models, it also has a wide range of nostalgia that can handle any genre of music without any difficulty.

By adding three inputs to the power amplifier, multiple devices such as CD players, tuners, smartphones, and tablets can be connected, allowing it to be used like a pre-main amplifier. Of course, by connecting a preamplifier, it can be used in a more versatile way.

The output tubes are equipped with a self-bias function, so they can be easily replaced with compatible spheres for your enjoyment. The self-bias capacitor used by Astro Denshi Kikaku is an order of magnitude larger than the 200~300 micro capacitors used by most other manufacturers, at 8000 micro. This allows the sound to be expressed well even when the volume is turned down.
Tubes used 5881x4, 12AX7x2, 12AU7 x2
Transformer used PT-100x1, HWC-30-8x2
Output 20W x 20W, UL connected, self-biased
Input CD, LINE 1, LINE 2
Input Impedance 100kΩ
Frequency response 10Hz~60kHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV/1W
Size W390 x H150 x D300mm
Weight Approx. 12.5kg
The TO-588HSIN is a power amplifier from Astro Denshi Kikaku that has separate volume controls for left and right channels to achieve balance. As you can see from the front panel, this power amplifier is designed to be used without a preamplifier. The power amp simply has a volume control and a few inputs for easy use. The sound image is clear and deep with no muddiness, which is common to Astro Denshi. Pianos are clear and energetic in the lower midrange. Wind instruments are also clear and attractive with depth and three-dimensionality. The Hashimoto transformer contributed greatly to the high resolution and richness of the midrange. The vacuum tubes are all installed by dropping them into the main chassis and securing them with a thick, beautifully anodized front panel, which shows the manufacturer's commitment to sound.