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TO-EQ88ST Tube MM Phono Equalizer amplifier

Product code: TO-EQ88ST-1

ASTOR TO-EQ88ST Tube MM Phono Equalizer amplifier

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A unique equalizer amp!

Unorthodox equalizer amplifier using output beam tubes


Astro Denshi Kikaku's products are attractive for their beautiful appearance made of vacuum tubes and metal work, and for their rich information and pure sound quality to faithfully reproduce the original sound source. The idea for the TO-EQ88ST came from Mr. Kanesa, the president of Astro Denshi Kikaku, who wondered what would happen if he used a powerful output beam tube for the equalizer. The idea started with Mr. Kanesa's playful thought, "What would happen if I used a powerful output beam tube for the equalizer?

As it turns out, the result is completely different from the company's preamplifier. Mr. Kanesa himself said, "It's a bit intense, and fans who are familiar with Astro's preamplifiers and equalizers may feel a sense of discomfort. The sound from this powerful output tube is very dynamic, crisp, and solid throughout, with an unshakable original sound reproduction. This punchy equalizer amplifier, which the company itself enjoys a bit, may be one of the best for those who find conventional equalizers and step-up transformers insufficient. Since it is self-biased, the 6550 tube, which is compatible with the KT88 tube, and the 350B, KT66, etc. can be freely interchanged according to your preference.

The TO series chassis is made of two types of 2mm-thick anodized aluminum chassis, and 2mm-thick 52S alloy aluminum is used for the component mounting material. Insulators are also made of a combination of aluminum and rubber materials. Circuit components and chassis mounting parts are also carefully selected for high sound quality. The internal structure is two-stage to achieve even higher sound quality.
Vacuum Tubes Used KT88 x2, 6SL7 x2
Transformer used Hashimoto PT-100x1, C-308x1
Input MC1, MC2
Impedance 47KΩ
Output 2 outputs
Frequency Response 10Hz~80kHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV
Voltage 100V/50,60Hz
Size W390 x H140 x D300mm
Weight Approx. 8kg