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TJ88 / 34-P4 Plomain Amplifier

Product code: TJ88/34-P-1

YARLAND JAPAN TJ88 / 34-P4 Plomain Amplifier

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Appendix output tube
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an acoustic quality over price

Upgrade significantly with full modeler change

Signal amplifier and drive circuitry were significantly altered and the quality of the sound was increased.The body of the body was changed to aluminum, and the heat of the body was greatly improved.
You can also have a phoonicizer (MM) circuit and enjoy a variety of music appreciation scenes.

KT88/EL34 vacuum tube can switch companion ampliesable ampliesable ampliesable

A switch between KT88 and EL34 are used. We are closer to the ideal operating condition.
Vacuum tube EL34 or KT88 x 4/12AU7 x 4
Operand A-class push pull
Output impedance 4Ω, 8Ω
Max Output 32W (Super-linear)
Output frequency band 20Hz-10kHz (-1dB)
SN ratio 90dB
Power consumption 240W
Input impedance 100kΩ
Input Terminator CD/AUX/PHONO/XLR
Size 350mmx300mmx210mm
weight 19kg.