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TJ845 / 211-S4 Net A-class Vacuum Tube Pre-Main Amplifier

Product code: TJ845/211-S4-1

YARLAND JAPAN TJ845 / 211-S4 Net A-class Vacuum Tube Pre-Main Amplifier

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Produces high dimensional mid-high range sound.

Draws out the full sense of scale that the 845/211 has.

The TJ845/211-S series has been upgraded with a full model change. The TJ845/211-S series is a pure Class-A single integrated amplifier with freely interchangeable 845 and 211 outputs, and the circuit has been redesigned with a switch to switch between 845 and 211, further enhancing the sound quality.

Pure Class-A Single

The pure Class-A single integrated amplifier produces a high-dimensional mid-high range sound comparable to that of domestic and overseas amplifiers, and the HUM/BIAS volume allows for easy adjustment of the output tube.

Significantly upgraded with a full model change

The hand-wound transformer has been greatly upgraded. The signal amplification and drive circuits have also been redesigned, and the body material has been changed to aluminum for improved sound quality and better heat dissipation.

A phono equalizer (MM) circuit has also been installed, allowing the user to enjoy a wide variety of music appreciation scenes.

Sound quality and design beyond price

The signal amplification section is composed of four EL84s. This enhances the strength of the tone.

Pure and accurate sound quality by craftsmen

YARLAND JAPAN is a brand established for Japanese tube audio enthusiasts. The appearance of this Japan-produced tube amplifier has a luxurious feel that fits in your room as an objet d'art and an excellent design that satisfies the pleasure of ownership. The model designed and planned in Japan is manufactured in China and imported for sale. The product has already been used by many customers in Japan and is highly acclaimed in Europe, North America, and other countries. We do not compromise on anything, from parts selection to circuit design based on our own ideas, and we are constantly making improvements to the current models to enhance sound quality. We hope you will enjoy the condensed sound of our products.
Tubes used 845 or 211 x 2 / EL84 x4 / 12AX7 x1
Output impedance 4Ω, 8Ω
Maximum Output 20W
Load impedance 4/8Ω - 40HZ ~20KHZ -1dB.
SN Ratio 89dB
Power Consumption 480W
Input impedance 100kΩ
Input terminal CD / AUX / PHONO / XLR
Power supply 100V/50,60Hz
Size 350mmx470mmx260mm/34kg
A switch is employed to switch between 845 and 211 use. This switch is close to the ideal operating condition. The switch is switched according to the tube used.