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TJ6P1-P Premain amplifier

Product code: TJ6P1-P

YARLAND JAPAN TJ6P1-P Premain amplifier

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Only 100V type is available.

You can also enjoy digital sound.

Casually enjoy the sound of vacuum tubes

Entry model mini tube amp with earphone jack and DAC for PC audio without sacrificing the tube amp's unique flavor.
Hammertone body color and natural wood face panel with grayish finish.

Headphone jack and USB jack on the side; built-in DAC for direct playback from PCs and other devices.

Space-saving and compatible with bookshelf speakers, yet powerful and realistic, with sound quality not found in transistor amplifiers.

Sound quality and design that exceed the price.

YARLAND JAPAN is a brand established for tube audio enthusiasts in Japan. Like Triode, the models are designed and planned in Japan, manufactured in China, and imported and sold in Japan. The amp has already been used by many customers in Japan, and is also highly acclaimed in Europe and North America. We hope you will enjoy the condensed sound of our products, which allow no compromise from the selection of parts to the circuit design based on our original ideas.
Tubes used 6P1 x 4 / 6N3 x 3
Output impedance 4Ω, 8Ω
Maximum Output 10w+10w
Output frequency range 440Hz - 10kHz (-1dB)
SN Ratio 89dB
Power Consumption 80W
Input impedance 100kΩ
Input terminal CD / AUX / USB (with built-in DAC *1)
Headphone jack 6.5mm / impedance 16-64 ohm headphone compatible
Size 200mm x 230mm x 152mm
Power source 100V/50,60Hz
Weight 7.3kg

*1 USB terminal: B terminal,16bit/Sampling Rate: 32, 44.1, 48kHz/SNR: 98dB