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SR-KT88SD Vacuum Tube Push Pull Power Amplifier

Product code: SR-KT-SD-1

Astro SR-KT88SD Vacuum Tube Push Pull Power Amplifier

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Various output tubes available

New Power Amplifier


The SR series has a 2 mm thick 18-18 stainless mirror finish in the chassis, and there is a chassis using a 2 mm thick 18-18 stainless specular finish and 2 mm thick without oxygenated copper. The insulator has a waxed cowhide with a scraped product from a round bar with anoxary copper. Circuit parts are manufactured using the company that is carefully selected by the company.
It is a series that has carefully selected all parts and improved to faithfully enjoy music playback.

In Chassis, a variety of output tubes can be used by using an adapter plate in the part of the output tube socket, and the aperture mouth is high and the heat dissipation effect is increased and the heat inside the chassis is suppressed. Highest Bridge You can play a low band with natural spread and elongated high-quality sound by mounting the transformer. Besides, it is manufactured using high quality parts that meet the circuit configuration so as to be able to audition music good.
Usage vacuum pipe KT88 X4, 12AX7x2, 12AU7x4
Used transformer PT-300X1, HW-40-8X2, C-1-400x1
output 35W x 35W
UL connection Self-bias
Frequency characteristic 10Hz to 70kHz
Residual noise 1 mm or less / 1W
Input impedance 100 kΩ
size W400XH190XD410MM