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Fidelix Silent Ending (turntable stopper)

Product code: silent-ending

Fidelix Silent Ending (turntable stopper)

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 Protects the needle tip and improves sound quality


Fidelix Silent Ending is a device that prevents wear of the record needle and bearings by detecting when the tone arm without auto-return reaches the innermost circumference of the record disc using an optical sensor and turning off the turntable.

The power supply noise filter also improves sound quality. In synchronous motors, it reduces high-frequency noise in the power supply line, thereby reducing its adverse effect on the cartridge, and in direct-drive motors, it effectively reduces recovery noise emitted by diodes in the power supply circuit and pulse noise emitted by DC motors, thereby reducing the noise that can affect delicate cartridges and equalizer circuits that handle minute signals. This reduces adverse effects on cartridges and equalizer circuits, resulting in a significant improvement in sound quality.

It can be set to six different heights, so it can be used with almost any player. Unlike contact-type arms, which press something against the arm, this is a non-contact type, so even light needle pressure cartridges can be used safely.

Power supply voltage  AC 100V~120V±10
Operating power Approx. 1W (100V)
Total length of sensor board 80mm
Diameter of sensor base 25mm
Dimensions of main unit 130W x 50H x 65D mm
Gross weight 360g