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SE-KT88XL Vacuum Tube Push Pull Power Amplifier

Product code: SE-XL-1

Astro SE-KT88XL Vacuum Tube Push Pull Power Amplifier

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Power-supply voltage
front panel
Appendix output tube
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You can choose from KT88 or 6550.
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Music property rich amp

In the original transformer, demonstrate the performance beyond the price


The SE-KT88 XL chassis uses the same bent stainless steel 2MM thick mirror finish as used for the high-end AS series, and the panel is used to form a 52S gellarmine 10 mm thick panel and used increase. This robust and beautiful mirror-finished casing alone has a lot of money nearly 200,000 yen, but it has a significant effect on anti-vibration and noise measures. Because the heat dissipation is also firm, it is not a problem at all even if it is a vacuum tube amplifier and long for a long time. The insulator also exhibits an anti-vibration effect by producing from a 40 mm52S round bar and sharply with a chassis. Circuit parts are manufactured using the company that is carefully selected by the company. The mounting accuracy of the vacuum tube is also extremely high, and the noise generated from the vacuum tube mounting portion can be suppressed as much as possible, and the unwanted artistic airline wiring, the unique manufacturing method of the Astro electron, the clearness of noises and is clear and transparent It is greatly contributed to reproducing the original sound with high sound quality and extra decorations.

The characteristics of the SE-KT88XL are not a Hashimoto transformer that adopts many of the company's amps, but the Astro Electronics designed to get a better sound, and it is an exaggeration to say that it is Astro Electronic original who consigned to Ogino Electric I am using a transformer. This succeeds in significantly suppressing the price while demonstrating performance that does not take over the high quality bridge transformer. A fixed bias is output with a fixed bias using a band-type output 60W. By making it a fixed bias, the same output also increases the power more than the self bias, and the sound is firmly expressed even if the volume is narrowed.

The power transformer also produces a margin by using a large power transformer that has also afford to the B-voltage B current. By using an output 60W load resistor 8kΩ, the output transformer reproduces a spacious low-pass and elongated medium and has been made as a music-sensitive amplifier.
Usage vacuum pipe KT88 x 4, 12AX7 x 2, 12au7 x 4
Used transformer TRX-300M X1, FPO-60W-8X2, LC-2-300MX1
output 55W x 55W
bias Fixed bias
Frequency characteristic 10Hz to 60kHz
Residual noise 1 mm or less / 1W
Strain rate 0.039% / 1W
Input impedance 100 kΩ
speaker 4Ω, 8Ω
size W460 x H200x D400mm
weight About 24 kg
Power supply 100V / 50,60Hz