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SE-EQ150LK Tube Phono equalizer

Product code: SE-EQ150LK-1

ASTOR SE-EQ150LK Tube Phono equalizer

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Easy-to-use phono equalizer

Phono equalizer + alpha

The SE-EQ150LK is a small size phono equalizer with CD input. It can also be used as a flat amp with volume if listening to records and CDs is enough for you. Although it is a vacuum tube amplifier, everything is mounted inside the chassis, which makes it easy to set up and install due to its small size (30 cm wide).
As a flat amp, it faithfully transmits sound without coloration to the power amp, but it has a tendency to sound clear and easy to listen to.

SEThe SE series is a small vacuum tube amplifier manufactured as an original model. 5052S aluminum alloy 2mm thick is used for the chassis, and the internal parts mounting bracket specially made by the company of 52S aluminum alloy 2mm thick is produced and processed to prevent resonance and improve sound quality. 52S VR knobs and 10mm thick 52S aluminum alloy are also processed for the entire panel. The knobs and the entire panel are made of 10mm-thick 52S aluminum alloy and anodized for a beautiful appearance and a solid weight to create a stable and high-quality sound amplifier. The legs are made of a combination of aluminum and rubber materials.
Tubes used 12AU7 x1, 12AX7 x2
Transformer used TRX-50 x1, L-1010x1
Output OUTPUT 1
Frequency Response 10Hz~70kHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV/1W
Input impedance 47kΩ
Size W300 x H100 x D320mm
Weight Approx. 5kg