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Supreme S C60F-AMT Speaker system

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FAL Supreme S C60F-AMT Speaker system

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Reproduces low to ultra-high range

Broadband three-dimensional sound image from bass to ultra-treble range

FAL Supreme S C60 mounts AMT air motion heil driver tweeter which can describe rich harmonics as well as awesome sound quality with transparency.
Very fast sound rising is 5times faster than ordinary tweeters!

FAL Supreme S-AMT can reproduce rich demensional sound image until ultra low range, delicate experss energetic pianissimo as well..
Such a dimensional sound stage makes you have an illusion in the concert hall.
FLAT C60 driver unit gives absolute range + phase, spread sound and depth field, regardless of music genre, more dynamic and super natural sound.

Sound quality without phase shift, excellent taxture of vocal and depth field cound not creat ordinary cone, horn or condensors ever..and well balanced brilliant localization.

Describe rich harmonics as well as awesome sound quality with transparency. The only driver which faithfully realized the principle of Dr. Oscar Heil.
AMT air motion adopts N48(neodymium magnet). Exterme resolution and very lively. Sound speed became much faster than ever.
Unit FLAT S C60 x1, AMT Heil tweeter x1
Frequency response 44Hz〜25,000Hz
Impedance 8 ohms
Efficiency 94dB/2.83V/1m
Dimensions 930×200×150/250mm (H×W×D)
Weight 16kg/1unit
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