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TakeT-SA (Soundstage Activator) for Unbalanced

Product code: SA-U

TakeT-SA (Soundstage Activator) for Unbalanced

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The stereo corrector

Sound stage activator for unbalanced terminal

Takt-sa is unique design for improved phase lag of between L / R speaker from an amplifier.
The treble range exploited sharpness, dimendant, realistic mid and strong bass impact.
The presence of grain in the sound or muddy feeling.
It works not only stereo sound, but also multi channel reproduction is very affective.
The combination of Tat super tweeter and hi recycler are more effective and nursing.

Take account of the problem with the small device. The case SA is designed to be a simple, effective and affordable solution. It is possible to live.


Takt-sa is for exclusive unbalanced type amplifier. It mixes the signals of L / R channels
Connecting both output + terminals of amplifier with trace quantity.
There is an immediate and pleasing change in the soundstage presentation, and this can be auditioned adjusted by deflection the control knob.
It can manage sound field, mono sound field or off with the front nob.

Unbalanced SA for normal hifi system
In case of Bi wiring system, it wants one takt-sa unbalance.
In case of Bi amping system
In case of segregated amps by frequency range, it wishes SA balance per each amps.
In case of segregated unbalanced amps by frequency range, it wishes SA unbalance per each amps.


Rigid epoxy chassis with ABS cement front / rear panel. Gold plated terminals

It is to plus side. No light for L or R terminal.

Cancel range Normal stereo 1 ~ 12: 1.2 m ohms 12:200korems
Dimensions W69 mm x l87 mm x h38mm
Weight 90 g
On first switching the control knob from the off position and rotation to the cancellation position 3 on the 1 (stereo = L, R) to 12 ('mono '= L + R, R + L) scale, the effect being noticeable, but subtle. Why, on each hearing, I have heard a stereo image with instruments and raise well discerned. End there. I'll be doing it. Yes, you know. The 'stereo corrector', as I am calling it, includes weight and additional micro dynamic resolution, making the reproduction more serious. Just as I have taken with the effect batter supertweeter, the effect is in finalizing the way the music fountain sense, just there in tonal colouring, as say with a tone control or equaliser. The sound is just more impressive. By that I mean it sounds more like instruments and drivers and less like a stereo recording. The presence is multiplifted and the soundstage presentation is more open and coherent. Informed, the soundstaging is' activated.