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TakeT-SA (Soundstage Activator) for balanced

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TakeT-SA (Soundstage Activator) for balanced

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The stereo corrector

Sound stage activator for balanced

TakeT-SA is unique for the phase lag of between an amplifier and an amplifier.
The treble range is in the form of a sharpness, a dimensionally, a reality and a nestmid bass impact.
The Presence of the Presence in the sound or muddy
It works not only stereo sound, but also multi-channel reproduction is very affective.
The combination of TakeT super tweeter and hi-definitioner are more effective and deer.

TakeT, the problem of the problem, the problem with this small device-a problem in the way the brain acts to a stereo sound presentation, And that is inherent in the stereo playback system we take for granted as as the normal way to date. The Taket SA is a simple to be a simple, effective and downdable solution. It is a very, very, very, very, yable.


TakeT-SA is for exclusive balance type amplifier. It is also known as " It mixes the signals of the signals of the signals of the signals of the signals of the signals of the signals of the signals of the signals of
There is an an immediate and pleasing change in the soundstage presentation, and this can be audibly, by rotating the control knob.
It can be called STEREO sound field, MONO sound field or OFF with the front nob.

The Balance SA for normal hifi system (using a balanced amplifier)
In case of Bi-wiring system, it needs One TakeT-SA Unbalance.
In case of Bi-amps (L/R separated amps) system, its needs One SA balance.
In case of separated Balanced amps by frequency range, it needs SA balance per each amps.
In case of separated Unbalanced amps by frequency range, it needs SA unbalance per each amps.


Rigid + ABS resin front/rear panels. Gold plated terminals

It is a to plus-side speaker of an amplifier. No, for the for L or R terminal.

Impedance Range OFF: Normal stereo 1 to 12: 1.2M ohms 12: 200kohms (MONO, * it is not completely Monaural out)
Dimensions W69mm x L87mm x H38mm (terminals and switch are included)
Weight 90g
The Taket Soundstage Activator counters crosstalk on loudspeaker, and for for all sources as the effects at the amplifier output, but using a different engineering principle that has been through a range of a range of products by a range of products by a range of products by a range of products. Drawing on previous product experience, and through alization, the Soundstage Activator is a passive variable delayless micro-crossfeeder.

Adjunction table micro-mixing blends a tiny (millionth part, middle 'micro') signal from the channel signal into the other channel. At the extreme, a pseudo-effect is knit. A small amount of signal, mixing is effective in overcoming the loudspeaker, the blurring ' problem to some degree. The Taket Soundstage Activator is an enhanced and an enhanced, an enhanced sound quality by mitigating the part of iality of the 'two-sound-sources' effect. This is the following is: This, it is not, the tens and deepens bass, enhances midrange three-dimensionality, and sweetetens the treble range, A more natural sound that the human brain can be better than the contrived two. Taket is known for piezoelectric supertweeters, and like this device is connected across the amplifier to the amplifier and the amplifier to personal. The effect at any given setting will be varied on the part across the mix in the mix in the two channels, so-readof the device setting will be a different audio image image.
software tools have been set to be used in the following: For example in the Digital Signal Processing options of the Digital Signal Processing options of the Digital Signal These are only applicable for all-playing digital files, and on all output from the amplifier to which is is connected.
On first switching the control knob from the off position and rotating to the above position 3 on the 1 (stereo = L, R) to 12 ('ship ' = L + R, R + L) scale, the effect was noticeable, but the effect was the subtle. 3. 1. Open..... And there was more. I was doing this, I was doing it, I was doing what I was doing. Yes, surely, the image was opened up and there was an additional 'life' in the music. The 'stereo corrector', as I am calling it, adds weight and additional micro-dynamic resolution, making the playback more. Just as I have been with the Taket with the Taket BATPure supertweeter, the effect is in finnized the way the music, the following are the music, the following are in-in tonal colouring, as say with a tone control or equaliser. The sound is just more as a musical experience. By that I mean it is more like a like and voices and less like a stereo recording. The Presence is uplifted and the soundstage presentation is more open and coherent. The sound-shot is 'activated'.