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Yamamoto Sound Craft
RS-1 Analog disc stabilizer

Product code: rs1

Yamamoto Sound Craft RS-1 Analog disc stabilizer

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Non-magnetic silver plated with an embossed finish

Soft and well-rounded touch


The piano has a gentle overall feel, the baroque is soft with a well-defined high range, and the orchestra is quiet and well organized.
The RS-1 is a mid-weight record stabilizer with a diameter of 84mm, height of 20mm, and weight of 380g. It is designed to contact the record disc only at the outer circumference of the back surface, so it does not dump the record disc too much and has a good resonance. The material is machined from gunmetal, and a non-magnetic silver-plated "Ibushi" finish is used. It is designed not to affect the magnetic force of the cartridge or turntable.

The bottom of the unit is held by a 1mm section at the periphery, so that the record is firmly adhered to the turntable seat without straining, while also taking care not to damage the disc. The sound is more transparent and clear, and noise is reduced. While many stabilizers are extremely heavy, the RS-1, with its moderate weight, is an excellent product.
Diameter 84mm
Height 20mm
Weight 380g