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Yamamoto Sound Craft
QB-4 Ebony cube base set

Product code: qb4

Yamamoto Sound Craft QB-4 Ebony cube base set

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Tighten the sound

Large insulator made of fine wood processed with high precision


This is a 43mm square cube base made of African ebony, which is actually used for oboes and clarinets. It is placed under speakers and amplifiers to improve sound quality. Setting The larger the base material, the greater the mass and the greater the damping effect. The specific gravity of the wood is 1.4, which is very heavy and hard, so the sound will be tight and clear. It is effective when used to tighten the sound of speakers and amplifiers.
Material African ebony
Size 43 x 43 x 43mm
Weight 110g / 1 piece
The solidly cut QB-4 block has the same beautifully polished surface, smooth and pleasant to the touch as the company's other solid woods. The highest grade of solid ebony is dense and heavy, and the sound of the QB-4 when stacked on top of each other is pleasing to the ear, just as it would be if it were used in a musical instrument. The exquisite firmness of the wood, which is not found in metal, absorbs the slight shaking of the speakers as well as the amplifier and player, and without the resonance of metal, the sound is tightened and a clear, highly transparent sound is brought out.