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Yamamoto Sound Craft QB-1 Spruce Cube Base, set of 4

Product code: qb-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft QB-1 Spruce Cube Base, set of 4

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Soft and gentle sound

Improve sound quality by placing under audio equipment


Spruce is a fairly light and soft wood. It is used in the body of violins. 34mm square cube base. It is placed under speakers and amplifiers to improve sound quality. The specific gravity is 0.4, so the sound is light.

When placed under a speaker box, the sound quality becomes softer. It is effective when combined with speakers that sound hard. The sound differs slightly depending on the direction of the grain.

Material Spruce
Size 34 x 34 x 34mm
Load capacity 50kg / 4 pcs



The QB-1 is made of the softest and lightest wood of the three QB1~3s in the lineup in the same size. Because it is soft, it has a good bite and high installation feel when placed under the speakers, and it disperses hard sound well to soften the hardness and stinginess. If you want to listen to it like background music for a long time, it will be comfortable without ear fatigue.