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Fidelix PURE FLAT Analog Disc Stabilizer

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Fidelix PURE FLAT Analog Disc Stabilizer

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Stabilizes cartridge operation and brings out its full potential.

Winner of MJ Technology of the Year 2019

PURE FLAT is a perimeter stabilizer that corrects warpage and distortion on a record disc by fitting it to the outside of the disc to flatten it.

Eliminating warping of the record disc stabilizes the cartridge operation and facilitates the performance of the cartridge to its full potential.
In addition, it can also reduce speaker sway.
PURE FLAT is a cost-effective way to improve sound quality, even though it is a hassle to set up each time.

PURE FLAT is made of SU304 stainless steel material, which exhibits excellent acoustic properties. It is also non-magnetic, so it will not adversely affect the cartridge.
The PURE FLAT is easy to use and does not require a guide for centering.
The protrusion from the edge of the record is kept to a maximum of 0.6 mm so that even a cartridge with a small amount of needle protrusion does not come into contact with the outer stabilizer.

The corrective ability of the sled requires a certain amount of weight, and PURE FLAT weighs 1 kg.
It is more powerful than the changes that can be obtained by replacing amplifiers, etc. The sense of pushing out by stable low frequency, the persuasive power of music, and the reduction of the sense of distortion in the high frequency range are more powerful than the changes that can be obtained by replacing amplifiers.

The sense of stability and push out by the stable low frequency improves more than expected, and the music becomes more convincing. If you remove it after getting used to this sound, it will sound as if the spirit of the music has faded.
Furthermore, since the shaking is eliminated, both the cartridge and the speakers are more stable in operation, so the sound is clearer.


The stainless steel stabilizer is not light, but it is not so heavy as to be heavy, and the weight is moderate enough not to put an extreme load on the record disc.
There is a groove cut in the inner circumference to accommodate the edge of the LP disc, but it is not something that snaps into place, but rather fits into a mold. Therefore, the way to use it is to put a disc on the platter and cover it from the top. Since there is a little room in the groove to accommodate disc size variations, care must be taken not to fit the disc too tightly here, otherwise it will be eccentric.
The advantage of PURE FLAT is that it applies the load evenly around the record disc, so there is no blurring, and the stability during rotation is much greater than that of a normal stabilizer that is held down at the center of the disc. The advantage of PURE FLAT is that the load is evenly distributed around the record, so there is no shaking.
In addition, it is certain that the PURE FLAT effectively holds down the disc, not to mention correcting the distortion of the disc, and the movement of the cartridge becomes more stable and smooth.
As a result, the signal is pumped out of the sound groove better, and the sound is definitely better, so it is well worth a try if you are having trouble with disc stabilizers.

Outer Diameter 341mm
Inside Diameter 298.5mm
Weight 1kg