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Fidelix Pure Flat Analog Disk Stabilizer

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Fidelix Pure Flat Analog Disk Stabilizer

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Stabs the movement of the cartridge and demonstrates the original ability

MJ Technology of the Year 2019 award

Pure Flat is flattened by fitting the sleds and distortions on the record disk on the outside of the disk.It is an outer stabilizer.Eliminating the warp of the record disk stabilizes the cartridge, making it easier to demonstrate its original ability. You can further reduce the shaking of the speaker. Also, as the inertia moment increases, the rotational performance of the phono motor can be improved.Pure Flat isIt is troublesome to set it every time, but it is a very good sound quality improvement method.

The material of Pure Flat uses SU304 stainless steel material that shows excellent sound characteristics. In addition, it does not adversely affect the cartridge because it is non -magnetic. If you put it on a record, the record will be a guide and almost a center will come out, and you do not need a guide for the center out.The protrusion from the edge of the record is kept to a maximum of 0.6 mm so that the cart ridge with a small needle does not come into contact with the outer periphery stabilizer.

The correction capacity of the drainer requires a certain amount of weight and the Pure Flat weighs 1 kg. It is more powerful than the change of amplifier, such as a stable low -frequency push -out feeling, the persuasive power of music, and the reduced distortion of the high frequency range.

The stability and push -out feeling due to solid bass are improved more than expected, increasing the persuasive power of music. If you get used to this sound and remove it, it will sound as if the energy has faded. Furthermore, since the shaking is gone, both the cartridge and the speaker are stable, so the sound becomes clear.


Outer diameter 341mm
Inner diameter 298.5mm
weight 1kg