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Bakoon Products PRE-5410mk3 Preamplifier

Product code: PRE-5410UL-1

Bakoon Products PRE-5410mk3 Preamplifier

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High-precision reproduction with no missing information

Preamplifier with digital attenuator


Bakun Products' signature dynamic and powerful bass with extremely fast start-up, realism, and a deep, vast soundstage. Once you hear it, you will not want to let it go. Deep, vast, silent backgrounds, overwhelming presence and resolution, amazingly natural sound reproduction!

The PRE-5410mk3 was designed as a high-end preamplifier. The ATT that controls the gain uses a digitally controlled analog ATT with a digital equivalent 10-bit resolution. Since it is configured on the board, there is no wiring from the board to the ATT and the accuracy of the preamplifier can be fully realized. It has a voltage amplification section composed of an ultra-low distortion buffer amplifier and SATRI-IC, and a voltage output circuit that takes full advantage of it. Furthermore, the current output SATRI-LINK output uses a dedicated SATRI-IC for current output and outputs signals with an impedance of several 10MΩ, so the power amplifier and PRE-5410mk3 are isolated from each other, and inductive noise caused by loops does not enter, enabling more precise reproduction. The use of a built-in gain controller with CPU control allows for more precise gain control and noiseless input switching with no connecting cables or resistor leads.
Use of a current servo circuit with discrete circuitry to stabilize the analog circuitry eliminates the influence of the DC servo circuitry on the sound.

If the PRE-5410mk3 and power amplifier are connected via SATRI-LINK, you can enjoy high-precision reproduction with no missing information. Even if the cable is long, all the signal information can be transmitted. For operation, a dedicated CPU controls input/output and digital ATT, and controls them so that no noise is generated. The operation is displayed on a liquid crystal display on the panel.
Input Voltage input x3, SATRI-LINK input x2
Outputs Voltage output x1, SATRI-LINK output x1
ATT 10-bit resolution high-precision metal film resistor switchable
Maximum output 10V(RMS)
CPU control Automatic muting for input switching and power ON-OFF
Size W350 x H90 x D430 mm
Weight 4.8 kg

*Bacoon Products will gradually change its logo and name to SCL (SATRI Circuit Laboratory). Please be advised of this change.