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+Pt PTFE coated single wire

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Aug-Line +Pt PTFE coated single wire

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Amazing Widerange & dynamic range

Another world wideband, amazing dynamic range

The Aug - line + Pt single wire is the highest quality audio material "Aug - line + Pt" which triple blended high purity platinum, gold and silver, and it is coated with PTFE which the most excellent characteristic among Teflon as an insulating material which greatly affects the sound quality. It is suitable for wiring to your own interconnect cable and super tweeter.Moreover, those who are confident in their own work demonstrate superior performance when used for the internal wiring of equipment and power cable.
*Sizes are available in 0.3 mm · 0.4 mm · 0.5 mm · 0.6 mm · 0.8 mm, so please choose according to the purpose of use.
Famous high end Japanese-Italian brand “Yamamura Crawly Limited”/Be Yamamura uses Aug-line cables and noise eliminators as OEM in their amplifiers, devices and speakers for supporting Yamamura sounds.