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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-4-2 base and pin set

Product code: PB-4-2

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-4-2 base and pin set

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Selected for the Audio Accessory Excellence Award

African ebony base + gunmetal pin hybrid base

This bass combines gunmetal pins inside a 60mm diameter base of African ebony, which is actually used for oboes and clarinets. It is mainly used for amplifiers and CD players. The metal pins and ebony base provide a tight, resonance-free sound. The top and bottom surfaces are flat to provide stable support during installation.

The combination of metal and wood rarely produces metallic squeaks, and the bass is tightened to obtain a crisp, clear sound unique to pinpoint support and a very clear reproduction sound with beautiful resonance.
Floating baseMGB-45, MGB-50, MGB-60The sound energy is further increased when combined with the
Dimensions Diameter 60mm
Material African ebony, gunmetal
Load capacity 60kg
The addition of the PB-4-2 insulator increases the energy of the frame, making it thicker. The PB-4-2 is a point-contact combination of African ebony and gunmetal basses, and although the number of basses has increased, the music sounds even more vivid due to the increased power of the rising tone. The pizzicato of the wood basses adds thickness, and the kick drum sinks in without cloudiness. The a cappella music has a longer, more lingering finish, and the breath and expression of the voices are clearer, which is also remarkable. The sound is similar to that of raising the volume, but with more contrasts and weak notes, and the change in energy is different from simply making the sound louder.
*Audio Accessory