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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-21 Ebony spike base Female

Product code: PB-21

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-21 Ebony spike base Female

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Clear and tight sound

High quality African ebony Spike base -Female

African ebony setting base for speaker set, amplifiers, etc., Combination using with PB-21 or individual using as bases for speakers or amplifiers with male spikes, to improve sound quality. It gives clearly, clarity of sound without resonance. Combination with metal spike to suppress specific metal resonance, getting more clearly sound.

Clearly tight sound by moderate spike digging

PB-20 is spike pin type for an amplifier or a speaker laying down to point supportdirectly. PB-21 is concave type which put it under various device with spike pin as a spike base.PB-20 and PB-21 are used in combination as an upper and lower structure under an amplifier etc, then both the upper and lower surfaces become flat and supporting audio equipment with stability.

Usually, metal is often used for these pinpoint bases, but in metallic spikes, resonance sound peculiar to metals often appears.By combining rigid wood like PB-20 and PB-21, it is possible to prevent those resonance sounds and obtain a comfortable and clear sound as well. Especially metal spike pin and metal spike base combination offen produce resonant sound unique to metal though, on the other side, combination with ebony PB-21, a metal spike moderately bite PB-21 and it became stable as well we prevend metallic resonance.
Dimensions 41mm(D) x 14mm(H)
Depth of recess 3.5mm
Withstand Load 50kg/4piece