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Yamamoto Sound Craft
PB-19 alumina ceramic point receiving spacer

Product code: PB-19

Yamamoto Sound Craft PB-19 alumina ceramic point receiving spacer

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Blurry sound tightens!

Advanced 9 alumina 96 ceramic setting base

This PB-19 ceramic chip is 12 mm in diameter and 2.2 mm in height, and has one side flat and the opposite side is loose. This side surface can be made to be a point support by combining it with various bases, and the vibration isolation effect can be obtained. The surface of the surface of the equipment is loose, it does not damage the equipment.

Since the alumina ceramic used for PB-19 is called alumina 96, it has hardness of hardness 9 next to diamond, so that the installation surface will be grounded with a very hard material of hardness 9. The base material of the other side is made of African ebony base qb-3, but it is possible to combine with other metal base.
Because it supports the point with a very hard ceramic, it is more effective than I thought, and blurry sound tightens. It is a commodity with a considerably high cost performance.