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Yamamoto Sound Craft OSW-92 (4 shelves, height 92cm) Wide Audio Rack

Product code: osw-92-1

Yamamoto Sound Craft OSW-92 (4 shelves, height 92cm) Wide Audio Rack

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Pure Japanese domestic high-performance cherry wood rack


This high quality audio rack is made of 30mm thick cherry plywood for the shelves and 32mm thick solid Asada cherry wood for the posts. The overall height is 922mm and the shelves can be raised and lowered at 50mm intervals.

The inside size of the shelves is 1026 mm. The inside size of the shelves is 1026(W)450(D), which can hold two standard sized audio devices side by side. The standard specification is four shelves, but the number of shelves can be increased by purchasing the OSB-W shelf unit (sold separately). Although the width is large, it is very strong and will not flex even when heavy items are placed on it.

Shelf size W1040xD450xH30mm
Pillar length 922mm
Overall size W1090xD450xH922mm
Weight 46.4kg
This rack gives the impression of increasing the woodiness of the reproduced sound of wood instruments. The stem board is made of cherry plywood and the posts are made of solid asada cherry wood, which gives the rack not only sufficient strength but also adequate resonance. As a result, the volume of the wood bass increased. The contours and resonance of the bass were a little slower, and while the bass frequencies that were firmly controlled by the reference were good, there was also an impression of an increase in the "woodiness" of the wood bass, which is not bad at all. The graininess and resonance of the cymbals also increase in density. On the other hand, the edge of the guitar is a bit weaker, and the sound is a bit muted for a rock. However, this can be adjusted by combining other accessories, and if done well, a full mid-low range and edgy high range can be obtained.
*Audio Accessory