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Fidelix NON-STAT static eliminator for record discs

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Fidelix NON-STAT static eliminator for record discs

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Reduces scratch noise and distortion on the inner circumference


Scratch noise is a common occurrence on vinyl records and is mainly caused by scratches and small dust particles. Static electricity is deeply involved in the attraction of dust, and when the needle passes over the attached dust, it may cause a crackling sound and at the same time knock sand grains counterclockwise into the V groove.
The dust is also attracted to the disc by static electricity, and as it travels to the inner circumference, it accumulates on the needle, causing increased distortion in the inner circumference. Therefore, daily care is the most important way to protect your precious records from scratch noise and distortion. Conductive brushes do a good job of static elimination, but if the brushes are not clean, they will not remove dust, but rather leave dust behind.

When positive ions are directed at a negatively charged record, they will initially neutralize the negative charge and eventually reduce it to zero. After that, the record becomes slightly positively charged, but after that, the positive and positive ions bounce off each other, so the record stabilizes at a slightly positive level. When a record is played, it is gradually charged in the negative direction again due to friction, but at -1000V, so the electrostatic force is weak.

To use the device, simply irradiate it for 4 to 5 seconds from a position about 20 cm from the board, just before putting down the needle. This will reduce scratch noise and distortion on the inside. It uses a 006P 9V battery, and can be used for about 3000 sides (calculated with alkaline batteries) by irradiating for 5 seconds at a time, and the LED also serves as a battery check. The power switch is a type that turns ON when pressed and turns OFF when pressed again. The original static eliminating ability is demonstrated by irradiating while touching the metal surface on the bottom.

NON-STAT's internal photo and voltage waveforms It is a 10:1 probe, so the output voltage is 20 V/div, and the output voltage is about +7,500 V.

External Dimensions 115 x 70 x 28 mm
Weight 150g (including batteries)