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Fidelix Non-Stat Record Disk Electric

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Fidelix Non-Stat Record Disk Electric

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Reduce scratch noise and distortion in the inner periphery


The record has a scratch noise, and the cause is scratches and small dust. Static electricity is deeply involved in the drawing of dust, and when the needle passes over the attached dust, the sand grains may be squeezed and the sand grains are hit in the counterclockwise direction at the same time.
In addition, as the dust is attracted to the board due to static electricity, as the inner perpetrates move inward, the dirt accumulates in the needle, causing the distortion to increase in the inner periphery. Therefore, daily care is most important to protect important records from scratch noise and distortion. The conductive brush is removed properly, but if the brush is not clean, it will remove dust instead of removing dust.

If you sprinkle a plus ion from this unit for a negative record, it will be neutralized more and more at first, and eventually becomes zero. After that, it will be charged a little positively, but after that it will bounce back with plus and plus, so it will be stable when it is slightly positive. If the record is played, it will gradually be charged in the negative direction by friction, but since it is about -1000V, it is weak as an electrostatic force.

The only way to use it is to irradiate 4 to 5 seconds from the board of about 20cm from the board just before the needle is lowered. This reduces scratch noise and distortion in the inner periphery. I think it's a necessity to enjoy records and digitize them. A 9V battery of 006P is used, but about 5 seconds per time can be irradiated and about 3000 (calculated in alkaline batteries) can be used, and the LED also has a battery check. The power switch is turned OFF when pressed again when pressed. By irradiating while touching the metal on the bottom, the original power removal capacity is exhibited.

Since it is a probe of Non-Stat's internal photo and a voltage waveform 10: 1 probe, the output voltage is about+7,500V.

External dimensions 115 x 70 x 28mm
weight 150g (including batteries)