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Horus NEO XLR +alfa cable pair

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Aug-Line Horus NEO XLR +alfa cable pair

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The ultimate unrivaled cable

Power-up version of the 2009 Audio Excellence Award-winning Horus augmented line

A new material, Augline+α (Alpha), is used for a part of the conductor. It is characterized by a thicker tone with a higher sense of temperature.

Inside the strictly shielded conductor is a special twisted wire structure with different materials, thicknesses, and lengths for each bandwidth, which can only be made by hand. The total amount of precious metals used in the conductor is enough to make 30~40 rings of ordinary jewelry. The ultimate cable is so thick that it takes several days to produce a one-meter pair, even for experienced technicians, and is incomparable to the interconnected cable series of OGRAIN. Horus NEO is a cable with a much stronger shielding relationship, and its most significant feature is a significant improvement in the reproduction of weak frequencies, signal-to-noise ratio, resolution, and so on.

When changing the clean power supply (DA-7050T) connecting the CDP and Pre from Hours NEO (no mark) to Hours NEO +α.
Hmmm... I thought the resolution was high even with the unbranded unit, but when I changed to the +α, I felt that it was blurry. The resolution is one step higher. It seems to be accompanied by the amount of information. And the S/N is much better. The sound is smoother and more angular. The three-dimensionality of the sound is improved, the substance of vocals is enhanced, and the sense of speed seems to increase, giving a crisp feeling. I think the space, size of the sound image, timbre, and temperature are almost the same between the unbranded and the +α.
The +α makes the sound smoother, so if you like a guttural sound, you may want to go for the unbranded version. This is a foul level.

Many people had the impression that Horus had a strong vocal presence and power, but NEO has an even stronger vocal presence, and the main vocalist seems to have stepped forward, making it especially recommended for those whose main focus is vocals.

A model with a built-in terminator, which increases transparency and power in addition to the noise absorption effect, is also available.

Normal NEO is being used between Pre-Power. Since we are listening with the Terminator as an attachment, we expect the performance to be lower than with the built-in Terminator, but the S/N is on par with the Valhalla2. Compared to my previous images of the AugLine, it is surprisingly delicate and supple. I have the impression that the resolution and the amount of information are a little inferior to Valhalla2, but Indra surpasses it. Space is large enough, but slightly narrower than Indra. However, the temperature is a little higher and the sound has more power, so the sound image is the most powerful. the high frequency range does not have a sense of loss like Valhalla2, but the overall feeling is tighter and the sink of the lowest range is even with Valhalla2/Indra. I thought the normal Horus NEO was a cable that could compete with indra, but with the +α and terminator, it exceeded indra in performance. I think AugLine is also more powerful in that the terminator is so powerful that it doesn't matter what system you choose. If you want more power and crispness, you could choose the normal NEO.
Horus NEO + α with Terminator
Compared to StealthIndra, the space is a little narrower. The sound image comes forward and is clearer. The resolution and information content have been improved, so the sound has a three-dimensional effect, the sound is sharp, and the vocals have a stronger sense of substance. The range is about the same both vertically and horizontally, and the S/N ratio also seems to have improved due to the increased amount of information. The sound is surprisingly soft and gentle compared to the previous Aug-Line, and the Indra's fluffy sound is gone. The +α of Horus NEO with Terminator is really great. It clearly exceeded the Stealth Indra in basic performance. With the normal NEO, the performance is even with the Stealth Indra, and it's a matter of liking the production part, but with the Terminator and +α, the sound (think AugLine) becomes more natural (much softer than I had expected from my previous impression). When I added Terminator as well as the power supply and SP cables, the S/N was much better, the resolution and the amount of information increased, and the sound became smoother.
*Audio eyeball dad