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Horus NEO XLR cable pair

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Aug-Line Horus NEO XLR cable pair

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Ultimate Cable

Power-up version of the 2009 Audio Excellence Award-winning Horus augmented line

Inside the rigorously shielded inner conductor are signals of different materials, thicknesses, and lengths for each bandwidth, using a special twisted-wire structure that can only be made by hand. The total amount of precious metals used in the conductor is enough to make 30~40 rings of ordinary jewelry. The ultimate cable is so thick that it takes several days to produce a one-meter pair, even for experienced technicians, and is incomparably thicker than the interconnected cable series of OGRAIN. Horus NEO is a cable with a significantly enhanced shielding relationship, and its greatest feature is a significant improvement in the reproduction of weak frequencies, signal-to-noise ratio, resolution, and so on.

Compared to the original Horus, Horus NEO has even better resolution and an improved signal-to-noise ratio. The sense of depth and perspective has been improved, and the presence of vocals is even better than in Horus. The wide range is still there, but the highs are more supple and smooth. Every sound image is much more focused and precise, the background is quieter, and the vocals are more penetrating. The backgrounds are quieter and the vocals are more natural and less pronounced.

Many people had the impression that the Horus had a strong vocal presence and power, but the NEO has an even stronger vocal presence, giving the main vocalist a sense of being one step ahead, and is especially recommended for those whose main focus is on vocals.
The length can be increased or decreased by 30 cm.
A model with a built-in terminator that increases transparency and power in addition to the noise absorption effect is also available.

I connected the NEO between the CD and the preamp to compare it with the old Horus, and found that the sound image of live guitars, voices, strings, bass, etc. became much more focused and precise. The background became quieter, and the voices were more transparent. The feel of the sound is natural and not over-emphasized.
*audio accessory
Gloria Estefan Greatest Hits SACD (Stereo)
Tone is similar to NordostTYR2. Temperature is the same or slightly higher than TYR2. Slightly warmer. The lowest frequency range is subdued, more subdued than ARGENTO AUDIOFMR. High frequency range has enough extension. Speed and sharpness are good. The sound is bouncy. The sense of rhythm is also improved, and there is a sense of dynamism. Although the number of notes is higher than TYR2, the S/N is clearly better than TYR2, and seems to be better than FMR. The amount of information and resolution are better than TYR2. Left and right are about the same as TYR2. Front/rear feel is clearly better, and the stereoscopic effect improves.
Minako Kawae letters
The amount of information is a step higher than TYR2. The strings of the piano can be recognized. The sound image is more compact than TYR2. The sound image is more compact than TYR2 and has more substance. The stability is as expected. In addition to the high S/N, the balance between spatial expression and sound image expression, as well as the high sense of dynamism are points worth mentioning.
Horus NEO (without Terminator)
S/N is down, and resolution, amount of information, spatial expression, etc. seem to be dragged down. +It is a step down compared to alpha wT, but it has enough performance (to compete with Indra). It has the habit of Aug-Line, or a sense of shimmer and power, and it is very crisp, so I feel this is enjoyable.
Horus NEO with Terminator
The sound is quite similar to that of the +α with Terminator, and the influence of the Terminator seems to be significant. However, the amount of information and resolution is reduced, the number of notes is lower, and the front-to-back feel is also reduced. I think it is good when listened to alone, but since +α with Terminator is too good, it is a hard evaluation when listened to immediately after.
*Audio eyeball father