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HIDIZS MERMAID MM2 HIFI in -ear monitor earphone

Product code: mm2

HIDIZS MERMAID MM2 HIFI in -ear monitor earphone

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6mm low voltage static magnetic BM driver

MM2 adopts a 6mm static BM (Balance Membrane) driver customized by HIDIZS and Korean BSE, and has a very thin and light micron -level diaphragm. Excellent layering.
There is no need to increase the voltage, it is easy to drive ultra -high frequency due to low distortion, with very good resolution and expandability.

Overall reinforcement of the mid -low range

HIDIZS PEK polymer diaphragm + 10.2mm dynamic driver processes the bass and the middle range.
The bass is deeply digged with excellent speed and tight response, and is more punchy. The middle range is smooth and detailed, and has a more U -shaped character. The vocals are sweet and the instruments sound natural.
Large sound stages, excellent imaging functions, excellent layering, excellent presence -MM2 are pairs of IEMs that you never regret.

Three tuning valves for three different audio experiences

Can I get one tuning style with just one earphone?
Not HIDIZ MM2. Here you can get a 1+3 audio experience. Comes with three removable tuning valves for balance, treble, and bass.
Exclusive design with an audio hole on the earphone itself. By replacing the valve, you can convert various sound styles, bring more amazing sound performance, greatly enrich the MM2 playability.

Environmentally friendly resin body and diamond -shaped face plate

Longer and more comfortable custom -style environment for wearing.
The face plate is cut into a diamond, and the three -dimensional geometric pattern is attractive. The MM2 IEM looks like an exquisite black diamond, has a removable audio hole in the center, elegant and chic exterior.

Beautiful sounds find your way

A high -quality cable is an essential element for his professional HIFI earphones. The HIDIZS MM2 comes with high -purity -free copper (OFC) twisted from 60 strands and high -purity silver wires.
A silver wire that realizes a clean and clean sound. Copper wire for soft and smooth audio performance. Both contribute to improving listening experiences.

Standard 0.78mm 2 -pin design

In addition to the various sound styles brought by the three removable tuning valves, the MM2 holds the standard 0.78mm 2 -pin design, uses the same specification cable, further upgrades the sound, or by different cables. You can experience more listening experiences created.
The cable socket is upgraded to the gold -plated material and guarantees a more stable audio signal transmission.

With a stylish custom leather carring case

HIDIZS MM2 HIFI -ear monitor is designed only. Napa leather cases, which are environmentally friendly and hard to get dirty, have a complete falling protection cover.
Six zinc alloy double buckles are used for support. This clam shell protection case is the perfect size for storing HIDIZS MM2.

High -resolution certification

HI-RES Audio (HRA) is a standard for high-quality audio products formulated by JAS and CEA, and is currently recognized and supported not only by premium devices but also by audio enthusiasts around the world.

model Mm2
Type of headphones

Customized HIFI in -ear monitor

Product name

1 Static Balance Membrane & 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid HIFI In -Iser Monitor

Low -pressure static magnetic BM unit 6mm
Dynamic driver

10.2mm, dual voice coil & dual cavity (HIDIZS newly developed polymer polymer diaphragm V2.0 version)

Tuning valve

3 pairs (treble, balance, bass)

exterior German environment -friendly resin body, aluminum alloy face plate, aluminum alloy output nozzle
Frequency response 20Hz to 40kHz
sensitivity 104 ± 1db@1kHz
Impedance 18Ω @ 1kHz
Rated output 5MW
cable Mix a 4 -core knitting line (2 core high purity silver line & 2 core OFC line), length 1.2m
Earphone connector

Detached type 0.78mm 2pin gold plating socket

plug 3.5 gold plating plug

Approximately 10g (including earphone cable)

Package content

1 x mm2 earphones
1 x single end 3.5mm earphone cable
1 x leather carry box
3 pairs x ear chips
3 pairs x tuning valve (treble, balance, bus)
1 x user manual
1 x warranty