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Fidelix MITCHAKU headshells

Product code: mitchaku-b

Fidelix MITCHAKU headshells

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Rigidity equivalent to that of an arm with an integrated headshell


The majority of existing headshells have a structure where only the top pin at the connection is pulled in when attached to the tone arm, but this creates a gap on the underside, and when the gap is filled with a rubber ring, it results in elastic merging and a dull sound. There will always be a gap at the connection, and even a gap of only 1 micron will affect the acoustics.

The Mitcheaku headshell has a seesaw structure in which the upper and lower pins pull in the horizontal pin placed between the upper and lower pins with equal force, enabling a tight connection to the tone arm without any gap. This allows the same rigidity as an arm with an integrated headshell to be obtained, resulting in a solid sound quality. Correct horizontal alignment improves separation and reproduces a wide sound field.

The seesaw structure of the arm absorbs any error. This ensures that the ring part of the headshell and the ring part of the arm are perfectly aligned.

Line up

In addition to the standard model MITCHAKU, three types are available: the MITCHAKU-K, which is lightweight and compatible with high-compliance cartridges by shaving the inside of the shell body, and the MITCHAKU-L, which is lighter and longer for those who are concerned about the head protruding from the cartridge to which it is attached.