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Yamamoto Sound Craft
MGB-60 magnet floating board

Product code: MGB-60

Yamamoto Sound Craft MGB-60 magnet floating board

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Selected for the Audio Excellence Award

Plate Type Magnetic Floating Base

The MGB-60 is an audio board with neodymium magnets placed at four locations on the bottom of the beautifully resonating laminated Asada cherry wood, and combined with a strong African ebony base, the board itself floats due to the repulsive action of magnetic force.
MGB-60 isMGB-1and can be used for relatively heavy products weighing from 5kg to 30kg. It can be used mainly with power amplifiers, large CD players, and analog players.

Improved signal-to-noise ratio for clear reproducibility

Compared to general audio boards, which work by damping vibrations, the magnetic floating base floats audio equipment in a nearly non-contact manner, preventing vibrations from the floor from being transmitted. This eliminates not only external vibrations, but also the resonance of the audio equipment itself and vibrations reflected off the chassis. The elimination of noise improves the signal-to-noise ratio, making the soundstage quieter and the spatial perspective better, and improves the sense of localization and resolution with richer information. Bass is deep and powerful, and high frequencies are sharp and extended.
In particular, unnecessary swelling in the mid and low frequencies is absorbed, the balance of response is evened out, the tone is soft and uncloudy, and transparency is increased and detail is clarified.

The effect of microvibrations on the circuitry is absorbed, so focus is tightened and clarified, and the position and depth of instruments become clearer, increasing the overall presence of the instrument.
Detail is more subtle and precise, and the reverberations of the sound are finely rendered. Floating type is most effective for amplifiers, as internal vibration has an overwhelmingly stronger effect on amplifiers than external vibration. It improves the sound quality beyond imagination.

When installing amplifiers and other equipment on a board, it is advisable to use a floating type between the amplifier and the board.PB-4-2or other pinpoint bass instruments between the board and the amplifier will improve the sound quality and make the sound even thicker and more vivid.
Applicable model Power amplifiers, large CD players, analog players, etc.
Materials used Laminated asada cherry wood, African ebony
External dimensions 600(W)x480(D)x54(H)Board thickness: 32mm
Load capacity 5~30kg
Weight 7.5kg
I placed the MG-60, the largest of the MG series, under an amplifier. The MG-60 has a load capacity of up to 30 kg, so it can be used with heavier models without worry. The high SN is also a matter of course, but in the case of amplifiers, internal vibrations have an overwhelmingly stronger effect than external vibrations. The floating type is the most effective way to block the bounce back of these vibrations.
*Audio Accessory