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Mc-999 VIP La MC boost transformer

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Astro Mc-999 VIP La MC boost transformer

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This is a made-to-order product. Estimated delivery time is approximately 3 months.

The highest quality MC transformer for the best sound quality

The charm of the music spun by MC cartridges is captured in its entirety...

The main body of the MC999VIPL series is made of an extra-thick 20mm oxygen-free copper panel and a 10mm-thick oxygen-free copper plate, and finished by milling and lathe machining. The wiring material is a single 0.9mm oxygen-free copper wire with a gold-plated Teflon coating for insulation, which has a significant impact on sound quality. The wiring has been minimized to the transformer unit and input/output terminals, and the left and right sides are independent, with Astro Denshi's specialty of artistic aerial wiring to improve channel separation.
The MC999VIPII series also has only one system without input switching to eliminate electrical loss and distortion, while the VIPL The VIPL series also has no impedance switching, further simplifying the process in pursuit of the ultimate in sound quality. The insulator is machined from a 30mm oxygen-free copper round bar and mounted with calfskin between the bottom plates.

The amazing amount of information and freshness, the sense of scale of the vast sound field, and the massiveness and realism of the low frequency range make you realize that even the cartridges you have heard and become familiar with have yet to reveal their hidden potential and true performance.
The Hashimoto transformer is available in three types: A-type: HM-3, X-type: HM-X, and G-type: HM-7, depending on your preference. If you prefer a more clear sound, we recommend using HM-3.
Step-up ratio (gain) HM-3 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:20, 26dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:40, 32dB
HM-X HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
HM-7 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
Input impedance LOW: 3Ω (2Ω~7Ω) High: 12Ω (7Ω~40Ω)
Load Impedance 47kΩ (2.7KΩ rated)
Frequency response HM-3 15Hz - 50kHz(-1dB)
HM-X 15Hz - 100kHz(-1dB)
HM-7 15Hz - 80kHz(-1dB)
Separation 93dB
Size W170 x D100 x H95mm
Weight 13.5kg
Input/Output 1 each
*It takes about 3 months to deliver the product because it is made-to-order and handcrafted.
A strong sound with the presence of a transformer. This reproduction gives me a sense of satisfaction that the music comes alive by adding this transformer. The shielding is very solid, and no hum can be heard at all. The sound is very dainty and beautiful, but I feel that the high frequencies are stronger in terms of balance. There is no ambiguous sound at all. Even when the volume is turned down, the sound image does not become sweet, which is good for those who listen with a narrower focus. Strong, slightly dated audio sound. In today's world of smooth sound, this transformer has a sound that strongly moves people's hearts. The transformer makes a clear difference between cartridges. The "Beethoven" sound is typical of the Hambre Steinway sound. The piano was strong, shining, and yet it struck the listener's heart. What impressed me in "Barbra" was the rim shot, which was quite a lot in terms of volume. The flute is also gorgeous, with a stronger high frequency range in balance. I felt that the addition of this transformer added another way to enjoy record playback.
*Tubes & Bulbs Kingdom Vol. 93 Excerpt