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MC-999RX �U MC step up transformer

Product code: mc999rxa2

ASTOR MC-999RX �U MC step up transformer

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This is a made-to-order product. Estimated delivery time is about 2 to 3 months.

The highest quality step-up transformer for the best sound quality

The charm of the music spun by MC cartridges is captured in its entirety...

The beautiful wiring and finish are handmade by our master craftsmen using carefully selected top-quality materials. The sound quality is dynamic, beautifully clear, and reproduces sound delicately and clearly from low to high frequencies. This is an MC cartridge step-up transformer of the highest quality product that provides music reproduction that has never been experienced before.
The input transformer for MC cartridges from Hashimoto Electric (manufacturer and distributor of Sun-Sight transformers), which is equipped with a high-mu PC core, selection of winding structure, physical structure settings, strict triple shielding, and vibration mode dispersion measures in order to step up the signal and send it to the amplifier, is used. (manufacturer and distributor of Sun-Sight transformers), which are triple-shielded and have measures to disperse vibration modes. In pursuit of the best sound quality, high quality materials and parts were used to produce this product.

The MC-999 series transformers use Hashimoto Electric's HM series, and the chassis is made of 10mm and 20mm thick oxygen-free copper to create a super-heavy chassis that suppresses vibration from inside and outside, resulting in a rock-solid sound quality. The RX series rotary switches are custom-made with gold-plated contacts from Seiden, and all other parts are carefully selected gold-plated new type parts. The wiring material is 0.9mm OFC gold-plated single wire with Teflon coating. The inside of the chassis is laminated with anti-vibration material to prevent vibration. Each unit is completely handcrafted and finished.
Two RX series inputs are supported.
The Hashimoto transformer is available in three types, A-type: HM-3, X-type: HM-X, and G-type: HM-7, depending on your preference. If you prefer a more clear sound, we recommend using HM-3.
Step-up ratio (gain) HM-3 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:20, 26dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:40, 32dB
HM-X HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
HM-7 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
Input impedance LOW: 3Ω (2Ω~7Ω) High: 12Ω(7Ω~40Ω)
Load Impedance 47kΩ
Frequency response HM-3 15Hz - 50kHz(-1dB)
HM-X 15Hz - 100kHz(-1dB)
HM-7 15Hz - 80kHz(-1dB)
Insertion Loss 1.5dB
Input impedance switching PASS, HIGH, LOW
Separation 91dB
Size W190 x D175 x H105mm
Weight 14.0kg
Input/Output 2 inputs 1 output