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MC-999NS MC step up transformer

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ASTOR MC-999NS MC step up transformer

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This is a made-to-order product. Estimated delivery time is about 2 to 3 months.

Highest quality step-up transformer

Boosts up the signal from MC cartridges as it is without any modification.

The transformer used is manufactured by Hashimoto Electric Co. The sound quality is delicate, dynamic, beautifully clear, and reproduces sound clearly from low to high frequencies. This is a top quality MC cartridge step-up transformer that provides music reproduction that has never been experienced before.

In order to send the signal to the amplifier, the input transformer for MC cartridges from Hashimoto Denki K.K. (manufacturer and distributor of Sun-Sight transformers) is used to produce a high-performance MC cartridge step-up transformer. Cartridge step-up transformers are manufactured using input transformers for MC cartridges manufactured by Hashimoto Electric Co. In pursuit of the best sound quality, high quality materials and components were used to create this product.

MC-999NS&.MC-999USThe chassis of the series transformers are made of 2mm and 5mm thick oxygen-free copper panels, and the entire inside of the interior is laminated with anti-vibration material to eliminate vibrations that could adversely affect sound quality. The rotary switches are custom-made with gold-plated contacts from Seiden, and all other parts are also carefully selected new gold-plated parts.

The wiring material is 0.9mm oxygen-free single copper wire with gold-plated Teflon coating for insulation, which has a significant impact on sound quality. The left and right wires are independently wired in the air, a specialty of Astro Denshi, to improve channel separation. The legs are also machined from oxygen-free copper round rods and assembled with chamois skin between them to suppress vibration from external sources.

MC-999NS andMC-999USThe only difference between the MC-999NS and MC-999US series is whether the transformer is housed inside the chassis or protrudes like a chimney. However, the 999NS series is considered to be more rigid because the transformer is completely enclosed within the chassis, and may have better S/N ratio.
The Hashimoto transformer is available in three types, A-type: HM-3, X-type: HM-X, and G-type: HM-7, depending on your preference. If you prefer a more clear sound, we recommend using HM-3.
Step-up ratio (gain) HM-3 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:20, 26dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:40, 32dB
HM-X HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
HM-7 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
Input impedance LOW: 3Ω (2Ω~7Ω) High: 12Ω(7Ω~40Ω)
Load Impedance 47kΩ
Frequency response HM-3 15Hz - 50kHz(-1dB)
HM-X 15Hz - 100kHz(-1dB)
HM-7 15Hz - 80kHz(-1dB)
Insertion Loss 1.5dB
Input impedance switching PASS, HIGH, LOW
Separation 91dB
Size W170 x D175 x H95mm
Weight 5,1kg
Input/Output 2 inputs 1 output