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MC-777VS MC Step up transformer

Product code: MC-777VSAS

ASTOR MC-777VS MC Step up transformer

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High-performance basic model that is sufficient for your needs

Basic model using a high-grade transformer

The MC-777VS series is a basic model step-up transformer from Astro Electronic Planning. Since the company's high-end model group is weighted for vibration control, the 3.3 kg weight of the MC-777VS series is quite a lightweight model, but the oxygen-free copper plate structure is designed to the very last possible degree.
The sound quality is firmly in the Astro-Denshi vein, with high resolution, stress-free, and crisp, and the spatial expanse is reproduced in a three-dimensional and realistic manner. It brings out the full potential of the cartridge. Because the advanced model is substandard, even the basic model has more than adequate performance for normal levels.
The Hashimoto transformer is available in three types: A-type: HM-3, X-type: HM-X, and G-type: HM-7, depending on your preference.
The sound quality of the HM-3 is not as delicate as that of the high-end HM-7, but it has a more crisp sound than the HM-7, so we recommend the HM-3 for those who prefer a clear sound.
Step-up ratio (gain) HM-3 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:20, 26dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:40, 32dB
HM-X HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
HM-7 HIGH: 12Ω, 1:15, 23dB LOW: 3Ω, 1:30, 29dB
Input impedance LOW: 3Ω (2Ω~7Ω) High: 12Ω(7Ω~40Ω)
Load Impedance 47kΩ(2.7kΩ standard)
Frequency response HM-3 15Hz - 50kHz(-1dB)
HM-X 15Hz - 100kHz(-1dB)
HM-7 15Hz - 80kHz(-1dB)
Insertion Loss 1.5dB
Input impedance switching PASS, HIGH, LOW
Separation 92dB
Size W170xD175xH95mm
Weight 3.3kg
Input/Output 1 input 1 output