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Jasmine Audio LP4.0 Tube Phono Amplifier

Product code: lp4-tube

Jasmine Audio LP4.0 Tube Phono Amplifier

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Deluxe full-tube design

Full tube circuit with 3 tubes in the power section and 4 tubes in the amplifier section. All components are HIFI level, carefully selected and paired.

MM and MC modes, high S/N ratio

The LP4.0 is compatible with both MM and MC cartridges, with a gain of 70dB in MC mode, so even low power 0.1mv MC cartridges will work without problems.

Independent power supply reduces interference

The power supply section of the LP4.0 is also designed in accordance with Hi-End standards.
The power supply chassis is separated from the amplification circuitry, effectively eliminating transformer radiation interference to the amplification circuitry.

Traditional Style, Analog Features

Two VU meters are illuminated orange for warmth and comfort.

Interface INPUT: 3 * RCA STEREO
Gain (@1kHz) RCA OUTPUT: MM=40dB/MC=65dB,
RIAA EQ DISTORTION: -0.03~ +0.15dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
TOTAL DISTORTION: < 0.01 (20Hz to 20kHz)
S/N: MM > 85dB, MC > 78dB
load impedance MM = 47KQ
MC = 15/30/60/100/500/1K (selectable)
Input capacitance MM/MC = 100pF
Vacuum tube POWER SUPPLY: 1* 6Z4, 1* 12AT7, 1* 6C19
PHONO STAGE: 2*12AX7 + 2*12AX7
power consumption 80W (MAX)
Packing weight: 16KG
Dimensions PHONO BOX: 430(W)x370(D)x120(H) mm
POWER BOX: 280(W) x 150(D) x120(H) mm
PACKING SIZE: 520*500*350mm