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Terminator Line conditioner

Product code: line-conditioner

Aug-Line Terminator Line conditioner

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More natural and realistic sound

Sound quality improvement device using terminator elements

Three Terminator elements of noise absorption/elimination module using three Terminator elements made of "aug alloy," a triple blend of gold, silver, and platinum, abundantly used in a small aluminum case of W105mmxH33mmxD68mm, and wired with the highest quality company's single wire aug line + alpha (alpha) PTFE-coated wire.

Used between an amplifier and a music player or a CD player and a D/A converter, it improves the S/N ratio, the amount of information and the sound field in all bandwidths. Since noise is eliminated, the sound is less muddy and clearer and more natural.

The line conditioner is compactly packaged with the terminator element of the company's noise absorption/elimination module and top-quality single wires, and is simply bypassed between the amplifier and the player. This is a great device for those who are not good at such things, or for those who find it troublesome.