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LD-sCR Single Power amplifier

Product code: LD-sCR-1

ASTOR LD-sCR Single Power amplifier

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High sound quality similar to high-end models

Astro Electronics' expert skill at a low price!

Astro Electronics is a manufacturer that does not compromise on the beautiful appearance, rich information, and pure sound of its products, which are carefully crafted one by one using carefully selected materials and the skills of its skilled craftsmen. The internal parts of the amplifiers are carefully selected and manufactured by the same skilled craftsmen as those used in the high-end models.
The LD series uses 52S aluminum alloy 2mm thick ASTOR exclusive internal mounting fittings, and the chassis is doubled to prevent resonance and improve sound quality. 52S knobs for VR and 10mm thick 52S aluminum alloy are also processed and anodized on the entire panel for a beautiful appearance and weight. The amplifier has been produced to have a solid, stable, and high quality sound.

The single amp's transparent and delicate sound is excellent in the mid and high frequencies, and vocals are superb regardless of gender. Jazz and other songs with vocals in the foreground are very impressive, as the voices are easy to hear and understand. The left and right independent volume controls allow you to connect directly to CD players, smartphones, tablets, etc. without a preamplifier and enjoy high quality vacuum tube music easily.

The use of carefully selected materials for circuit components and chassis mounting parts contributes to high sound quality, and the two-stage internal structure, including the vacuum tube insertion area, contributes to sound quality by taking measures against vibration. The foot is made of a combination of aluminum and rubber materials.

A high-performance S.E.L Kanno Denki transformer is used.
Tubes used (6550/KT88/EL34)x2, 12AX7x2, 5AR4x1
Transformer used SD-3812 x1, FPO-15S-5x2
Output UL connected, self-biased, 7W x 7W
Frequency Response 10Hz~60kHz
Residual Noise Less than 1mmV/1W
Input impedance 100kΩ
Size W370 x H175 x D255mm (excluding mesh cover)
Weight 11kg