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Solid Aug-Line
Interface LAN Special Edition

Product code: LAN-S-1

Solid Aug-Line Interface LAN Special Edition

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Highest quality 8-core LAN cable

Thorough noise suppression makes this LAN cable impossible to produce in mass production models.

8-core twisted digital cable with "OGLINE+α" conductor, triple blended with high-purity platinum, gold, and silver
Solid AuGrain "Interface LAN" cable is made by using an ideal balance of AuGrain, an alloy of gold and silver, AuGrain+Pt, a high-grade material triple blended with high-purity platinum, gold and silver, and AuGrain+Alpha, a new material with three times higher gold content than usual. The cable is an 8-core twisted digital cable.

PTFE, which has the most excellent properties among Teflon, is used for the insulation material, which has a great impact on sound quality, and Teflon foam, the most excellent material, is used for the secondary jacket.

An 8-core shielded structure was selected after numerous prototypes, and an augmented alloy was used for the shielding material. In addition, shielding with a special electromagnetic wave prevention sheet is used to block high-frequency noise, which is the great enemy of digital signals.

The twisted pair structure, which is the most remarkable structure of digital LAN cables, has achieved an ideal angle of 45 degrees, which is almost impossible to achieve with mass-produced cables.

Under the shielding material, a gold-silver alloy wire twice as thick as the signal wire is encased to strengthen the ground.