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Solid Aug-Line
Interface LAN cable

Product code: LAN-N-1

Solid Aug-Line Interface LAN cable

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Audio Excellence Award-winning LAN cable

Took thorough measure to noise that impossible in mass production model

Famous high end Japanese-Italian brand “Yamamura Crawly Limited”/Be Yamamura uses Aug-line cables and noise eliminators as OEM in their amplifiers, devices and speakers for supporting Yamamura sounds.
High purity platinum, gold and silver blended "Aug-Line +alpha" alloy 8-core twisted digital LAN cable
The insulation material is the most excellent characteristic Teflon PTFE. The best material foam Teflon is used for the secondary jacket.
Adopted an 8-core shield structure that was selected among a lot of prototypes and shield material is Aug-Line alloy. Furthermore, shielding with a special electromagnetic wave prevention sheet, then It blocks high frequency noise which is an enemy of digital signal.

The greatest attention structure of digital LAN cable is twisted pair structure that was achieved ideal angle 45 degree. Such a complecated structure is impossible in mass production cables.
Under the shielding material, it contains a gold-silver alloy wire that twice as thick as the signal wire for the purpose of strengthening the ground.


The LAN cable using gold and silver alloy which became the name of Aug-line and "Aug-line + Pt" alloy material which contains platinum,Teflon insulation, it is awesome to say that it uses Aug alloy up to the shield material.Furthermore, a shield with a special electromagnetic wave prevention sheet is also added, and it can be said that measures are perfect.The classic has plenty of thickness and sense of reality for each instrument, and the roar of Grand Cassa is the power to rock the whole air of the room.The string glossy and grows lightly.In jazz the musical instruments of the trio are clearly separated, and how the engineers directed the space of the recording site appears to be clearer.Still it is not too much analytical and it entertains music as a whole, it is top notch!Pops has a feeling that a singer is relieved and entrusting his heart to a thick base. It is a good listening experience.
*Net Audio vol.15
Classic pianist Mr. Sandou gave a review of the Aug-line LAN cable

Please change the impression from "I think it's pretty good" to "very good".Muto says, "With this LAN cable, it seems that burn-in may not matter much," though, in my sense I think that burn-in time is exactly the same as the cables of other Aug-lines.Last three days passed Yesterday, I finally said that the initial change was completed.At very first, I was concerned, the forced pushing of the player to the front side hid behind and became a truly natural appearance.Besides, a vast three-dimensional space emerges. It seems that many transparent glasses have been removed, as if they had not noticed the existence before.My SACD transport and DAC are one generation ago (made in 2000), but I am honestly surprised that it had the potential to this point.I fell in love with them again. It is a place like attachment doubling. Since it is the most upstream of the system, its influence is the largest ever.Perhaps the effect may be more than the speaker cable Isis.