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Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush

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Analog Relax Anti-Static Brush

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Free yourself from "static dust

The One and Only Way to Free Yourself from Static Dust

The world's first brush for audio records, this revolutionary brush for vinyl records removes both "static electricity" and "dust" at the same time, with its high-performance ultra-fine static eliminating fibers (0.03mm in diameter) that penetrate into the crevices of the record.

We recommend this brush for the following problems

    • Commercial velvet cloth cleaners generate static electricity every time you use them, and the dust flies back to the record...

    • There are spray-type static removers, but I don't want to put unnecessary ingredients on my beloved records...

    • It's also a hassle to use liquid cleaners and wash them with water! Not to mention, you can't wash your entire huge record collection...

    • During the dry winter months, you may suffer from the "crackling" sound caused by the static electricity charged on your vinyl records... sound due to the static electricity charged on the vinyl records...

The "Analog Relax Static Eliminating Brush" was developed with the following in mind

    • Static elimination when records are removed from their jackets

    • Static elimination before putting away the record in the jacket after listening to it

Depending on the age of the vinyl record and the environmental conditions, the "Analog Relaxation Static Eliminating Brush" can remove an average of 70-80% of static electricity.

Features of the Analog Relax Static Eliminating Brush

The brush is made of 100% ultra-fine "static eliminating" fibers with a diameter of 0.03mm. By touching the record disc surface, static electricity is eliminated by corona discharge into the air.

This fiber was developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and is used in industrial applications where static elimination is essential, such as in clean rooms where electronic device substrates are manufactured and at sites where dust is removed before painting. This is the first time that this fiber has been used in a brush for consumer applications.

The average sound groove on an LP record is said to be about 0.05 mm wide.

The fiber of the Analog Relax Static Eliminator Brush is 0.03 mm in diameter, which is thinner than the sound groove, so it can enter the sound groove and sweep out minute dust particles.
The ultra-fine static eliminating fibers of the "Analog Relax Static Eliminating Brush" are designed to have a slightly low conductivity, so that even if the fibers get inside audio equipment, they will be safe.

Excerpt from Analog Relax

The needle dust that accumulated toward the inner circumference of the record is no longer sticking. Perhaps this is why the sound is clearer than when I used the anti-static spray. The size is compact and easy to use.

I had been trying to clean needles and records but had not been able to make a decision, but this brush finally solved my problem.

In short, removing static electricity reduced the internal distortion.

I enjoy the sound of vinyl records directly, but I also burn them to CDs and download them to i-tunes to use as sound sources on my ipod in the car. I happened to have the sound source before using the brush on my ipod, so I was able to compare it with the sound source after using the brush in an apple to apple (instantaneous switchover).

It is nice to have the dust removed cleanly. Also, static electricity, which had always occurred when the cueing lever was knocked down, which had been bothering me for a long time, did not occur at all after I continued to use the brush on the record. I felt the sound change was that the sound became lighter and came out of the speakers with ease.