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Jasmine Audio JS-TB297 12" Dynamic Balanced Tone Arm

Product code: js-tb297

Jasmine Audio JS-TB297 12" Dynamic Balanced Tone Arm

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New generation tone arm with the latest technology

High-end sound with extremely clear and high resolution


Inheriting the classics and analog technology

The Jasmine TB297 tone arm absorbs the essence of the best tone arm designs of all time, optimizing tracking parameters through scientific tracking algorithms and employing the latest precision machining techniques and new materials.

Dynamic Balance Tracking Force

Makes the stylus more stable and the reproduced sound more hi-fi.

Rational and classical mechanical design

The design concept is a love and salute to the analog music era.

Superior tracking performance

Tracking distortion is less than 0.5% max. No sound distortion problems occur regardless of the outer or inner circumference.


I purchased a Jasmine dynamically balanced arm as a standard arm. After zero balancing with a long type tone arm, the needle pressure is adjusted by turning the knob while watching the scale on the axis of rotation. The lateral balancer and inside force canceller are calibrated to 0.5g. The arm lifter and arm support are on a base attached to the arm, and both can be adjusted and fixed with hollow screws. Sound is firm and high resolution. Arm mounting position can be freely changed on the mounting base. Just use the supplied pattern to match the overhangs and arm trajectory. Like Japanese products released during the heyday of audio, Chinese products are also spirited.

This arm has a unique shape with the center offset to the right from the axis. Needle pressure application is not by a weight but by a dynamic balance system with another pressure mechanism such as a spring. As stated in the catalog, it seems to absorb and inherit the essence of the best tone arm designs to date. So there are many similarities to famous tone arms. However, it says that Jasmin's technology has brought it to a higher level with the latest precision processing technology and new materials. When I listened to the sound when combined with the company's TT-D200MK2 turntable, the first thing I felt was that it was a high-end sound. The clear and informative sound was described by those who listened to it as if they were listening to digital high-resolution music. In order to achieve this capability, setting and adjustment are necessary, and the turntable height adjustment mechanism is used to level the turntable.XYshould be adjusted correctly. The overhang adjustment, which determines the position of the arm, is made with a special plastic jig that is included in the kit. To apply needle pressure, turn the knob on the bearing clockwise until it stops, then counterclockwise to apply pressure. The weight of cartridges that can be used is5~17gbut the weight of the company'sM2the balance weight will be just barely close to the center, so additional weighting is necessary. There is a scale on the axis of the inside force canceller weight, but this cannot be relied on at all. Since it varies greatly depending on the cartridge, it is necessary to make adjustments using a test record. When listening with these adjustments, you will hear a very clear, high-resolution, high-end sound.

*Representative Nagai, Bakoon Products

Effective Length 309mm
Distance from pivot to spindle 297mm
Overhang 12mm
Offset angle 16.9°
Peak Distortion <=0.5%
Null Point 61.60mm, 118.06mm
Weight min.5, max.17g
Effective mass (excluding headshell) 5g