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Jasmine Audio JS-TAAB Air Bearing Tone Arm

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Jasmine Audio JS-TAAB Air Bearing Tone Arm

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Combination of advanced technologies

JS-TAAB air bearing tangent tone arm applies a series of advanced materials and technologies, can make a wide sound stage, dark background, strong dynamics, and can pick up the audio signal of record tracks perfectly.
For audiophiles, it will be an indispensable tool to obtain the best record playback effect.

Nanometer material Air bearing

The JS-TAAB Air Bearing Tangent Tone Arm is a proprietary tone arm developed by Jasmine Audio. The air bushing is built with nanometer material to provide high air pressure and high load capacity. This is a new innovative product in China and a patented technology of Jasmine Audio.

High-pressure nanometer air bearing

Air bearings ensure the highest possible precision with frictionless movement and positioning.
The clearance between shaft and bearing is only 5 microns. This makes them rigid enough to withstand loads of 10 kg or more.and frictionless bearings that can withstand loads of 10 kg or more.
This bearing ensures zero cartridge vibration and no unwanted directional movement, allowing the cartridge to collect only the musical information from the grooves.

Dual Carbon Tubes

The JS-TAAB air-bearing tangent tone arm uses two carbon tubes for each signal channel to improve signal-to-noise ratio, avoid signal interference between left and right channels, and improve sound quality in analog systems.


Finally, installation is complete. The cartridge could be installed by raising the arm up without the weights. The base was leveled as precisely as possible with a level. The arm was fixed so that the cartridge's needle tip was centered on the turntable shaft, and 2g of needle pressure was applied with a needle pressure gauge. Two weights were attached, so I balanced them in the center for easy balancing and playback, but they did not work well. I thought the air pressure was not enough, so I turned it up to the maximum, but it still flew away. I looked at the instruction manual and noticed that only one balance weight was used. By using only one weight, the DL-103 could just barely be zero-balanced. When I played it back with that, it worked. The sound of the pump was almost silent even when placed close to it. When I got to the innermost circle, the sound popped up again. I fixed the tune of the lead wire and it was no longer a problem. The sound reproduced was completely unwavering, which I have never heard before. It is not a user-friendly arm by any means, but I recommend it to those who seek the best sound.*Excerpt from Facebook by Mr. Nagai, President of Bakoon Products

The JS-TABB is Jasmine's ambitious linear tracking arm that uses air bearings. The arm itself and an air pump come as a set, and the pump sends high-pressure air to the air bearing to float the air bearing with the arm attached in the air, eliminating friction and achieving linear tracking. With this tone arm, a clearer sound with higher resolution can be obtained, but its adjustment is more severe. Without precise adjustment, it is impossible for the arm to even work. First, the cartridge is attached to the arm in order to position the arm. Adjust the cartridge so that its stylus is centered on the turntable spindle. It can also be adjusted using the jig provided. Connect the arm to the pump with the supplied pipe. Turn on the pump switch and position the pump away from the pump until no pump noise can be heard. The pump noise is quiet, but if you listen carefully in quiet conditions, you will hear it slightly, so move a few meters away and you will not hear it. With the arm in the base position, check the level of the air bearing shaft. The level of the shaft is the most important factor in the proper operation of this arm, so use a sensitive level to adjust it precisely. If the base of the turntable is level, it will be fine, but if the level is even slightly off, it may not work, so the shaft must be precisely leveled. Moving the arm by hand will not work properly. The gap between the air bearing and the shaft is only 5 microns, so if the arm is moved by hand or excessive force is applied, they will come into contact. Therefore, when moving the arm by hand, extreme care should be taken to prevent excessive force from being applied. Next, apply needle pressure to the installed cartridge. A needle pressure gauge is required to apply the needle pressure. This is because the weights do not have a needle pressure scale on them, although they are laterally balanced. Next, the cartridge is lowered onto a stationary record and the height of the arm is adjusted using a commercially available jig so that the cartridge is level. At this time, adjust the air pipe and signal cable connected between the arm and the main unit in a mountainous manner as shown in the picture in the instruction manual. It is these cables and pipes that interfere with the movement of the air bearing. Therefore, the distance of the arm from the center of the turntable and the shape of the cable bend greatly affect its operation. These fine adjustments are made so that one side of the record can be played smoothly when the record is played. Therefore, it requires patience to make it work without problems. However, the quality of sound obtained from this arm is tremendous. It makes you forget the time-consuming adjustment process.*Representative Nagai, Bakoon Products

Effective Length 175mm
Distance from pivot to spindle 230mm
Air bearing type Effective for high air pressure and high load
Offset angle
Tracking distortion 0%
VTA Adjustable in micrometers
Zenith and azimuth angles Adjustable on the headshell
Mono Transmission Dual carbon tubes, improved signal-to-noise ratio
Cartridge weight 6g - 18g
Tone Arm Weight 800g
Accessories Protractor, tone arm cable, adapter, cartridge screw