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Jasmine Audio MM Cartridge Series - M2

Product code: Jasmine-m2

Jasmine Audio MM Cartridge Series - M2

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Bonded diamond stylus with oval shape is used.
Clearer sound quality

4-Coil Structure
Improved channel separation
Wide sound field and clear sound


Jasmine's MM cartridges come in three types: M1, M2, and M0. The M2 is a mid-level product, with a bonded elliptical needle mounted on a hard-coated aluminum cantilever. Most Japanese bonded needles are made of diamond tips bonded to metal titanium, while those made in China have a transparent base and are thought to be sapphire. The recommended needle pressure is 2.5g. If it is sapphire, the specific gravity is smaller than that of titanium, which may be advantageous. What impressed me about the Jasmine cartridge is that the signal pin layout is 1:1 on the headshell, so there is no need to swap the left and right pins, or the top and bottom pins, and it can be connected straight. The weight is very light at 4.8g, so depending on the tone arm, it may be difficult to balance. The minimum cartridge weight for Jasmine's dynamic balance tone arm is 5g, and this is less than 5g, so the weight was so low that the balance was achieved by pulling the weight just to the center of the arm. Additional weights may be required if necessary. The sound is flat with high resolution, and it reproduces all genres without any preferences.The sound is natural and free of quirks, making it suitable for comparative listening. *Representative Nagai, Bakoon Products


Type MM
Coil 0.03mm TPC
Stylus Conical Bond Diamond
Cantilever Hard Coat Aluminum
Height 18mm
Weight 4.8g
DC Resistance 240Ω
Output Level 3.3mv (@1KHz, 5cm/s)
Frequency response 20-20KHZ +/-1dB
Channel Separation > 25dB@1KHz
Channel Balance < 1dB
Needle pressure 2.0-3.0g
Recommended needle pressure 2.5g
Load impedance 47KΩ
Load capacitance 100-200pF
Compliance 9.0μm