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Horus NEO Power cable

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Aug-Line Horus NEO Power cable

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This is a made-to-order item (reference exhibit for export specification models). The standard shipping date will be 3~5 days after the order is placed. Terminator built-in type is also available.
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Unparalleled S/N ratio, resolution and energy

Power cable with top-grade Horus NEO conductor

A special twisted wire structure, which can only be made by hand, is used to create signals of different materials, thicknesses, and lengths for each band inside a strictly shielded interior. The shield relationship has been greatly strengthened, and the greatest feature of this cable is the significant improvement in reproducibility of weak frequencies, S/N ratio, resolution, and so on. The cable section is made of a large amount of aug alloy made of gold, silver, and platinum. This provides an overwhelming S/N ratio, a sense of depth, a better line of sight, and a dramatic improvement in resolution.

The power plug using gold, silver, and platinum helps to raise the level of Horus power cables, which are straight, intense, colorful, and energetic, yet have a natural sound.

The length can be extended by 50 cm. The cable is exceptionally soft and very easy to handle for an extra-thick high-end cable.
You can also choose a model with an internal terminator that increases transparency and power even more in addition to the noise-absorbing effect.

This is the impression of yesterday's augmented line (compared to SCE-45S). (Compared to SCE-45S)
1) Tone is warmer...Lucifer sounds a bit cold.
2) The sound pressure is higher...evidence that better materials are used.
This is an important point that keeps me listening.
3) The number of notes seems to be higher... The number itself is the same as SCE-45S.
4) The thickness of the sound and the core of the sound feels a little light, and the "sense of reality" is a little thin.
I am looking forward to hearing how much it improves as I get accustomed to it. I am looking forward to it.
*Mr. Trail's audio detour
The sound image is slightly larger than that of the Valhalla2, but it is a dense sound image with a sense of solidity, power, and substance. The temperature is higher, the low frequency sink is deeper, and the slightly slower low frequency gives a sense of fullness and scale. Valhalla2 is slightly superior in terms of the sense of precision and speed of sound that can be seen in detail, but in the augmented line, the sound has more tame and dynamic sound. The Valhalla2 has a more dynamic sound. If Valhalla2 has a transparent sound field, the augmented line has a slightly denser and thicker sound field, and while the space is almost the same, the sound field extends forward from the speakers, where the music sounds lively with a realistic sound image. I feel that I am naturally drawn into the stage.
*The father of audio
The difference in S/N is overwhelming, but the volume of the low frequency range is also greatly improved, and at the same time, the noticeable good momentum of the rising sound, combined with the high SN, gives the music a sense of dynamism.
The sense of depth was greatly improved, and the sense of the sound field from top to bottom and left to right was also slightly improved, so it can be said that there are no negative factors associated with the replacement at this point. What is it about the audio hobby that makes such a difference in sound with a single power cable? The sound has changed at a level that even raises such fundamental questions, and to be honest, I am overflowing with joy and bewilderment. 、、、、、
In many cases, I have not taken measures to consciously increase the S/N ratio, because I believe that such measures are in exchange for losing the power and flavor of the music, which is also my personal preference. However, the improvement in S/N brought about by the introduction of this power cable has enabled me to hear the rich emotion in vocals and video dialogue, and I have come to think that high S/N should be thoroughly pursued in the audio hobby if it does not spoil the taste part of the music. (Chuckles)
HORUS power cables are very soft and easy to handle. I think this is also a matter worthy of special mention for a high-end cable. Now, I have come to the point where I am almost praising or raving about this cable, but it is actually good, so it can't be helped (laugh). It is difficult to make negative comments.
*Soten's Hobby Day