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amphion Helium410 bookshelf speakers 1 pair

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amphion Helium410 bookshelf speakers 1 pair

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This product is made to order. Color variations will be ordered from overseas and the estimated delivery time will be 3 weeks to 3 months. The delivery date may be delayed depending on the manufacturer's stock status.

The best sound in any space.

Compact bookshelf speakers that spread music throughout the room.


Helium has an outstanding design and is a perfect match for a variety of interiors.
Designed for use in the home, it is easy to install and maintains clarity even at low volumes without sacrificing sound quality in a tabletop or small space or playback environment.
The wide and even dispersion provides an optimal musical experience in any space.

Compact and easy to install. It can be used in a wide range of situations, such as TV and movies.

Seamless Integration

Low crossover points, seamless driver integration, easy placement, and reliable performance in any room. All thanks to amphion's 5th generation waveguide.

Unmatched midrange clarity

Exceptional naturalness and purity make listening a pleasure. Every nuance of the human voice and musical instruments is expressed.

A sweet spot for the entire room

By distributing them evenly, you are not limited to enjoying them in a single seat. Everyone in the room can share the experience equally.

Sickening even at low volume

Easy to install and performs well in difficult acoustic environments. Clear and impressive even at low volumes.

Timeless design and a variety of color options allow them to blend in with any décor.

Despite its small size, it works well without a full body and subwoofer.
In addition to traditional sources, it works seamlessly with the latest streaming applications.

The Helium410 desktop loudspeaker is compact and space-saving, yet it delivers a sound that is bigger than its size.

The Helium410 will complement your home both aesthetically and sonically.

Principle of Operation 2-way, bass reflex
Tweeter 1" / 25 mm
Midrange / Woofer 4¼" / 120 mm
Weight 4 kg
Size Height: 259 mm Width: 132 mm Depth: 220 mm
Crossover point 1600 Hz
Sensitivity 86 dB
Frequency Response 52 - 25,000 Hz
Recommended Power 20 - 80 W
Manufacture Made in Finland
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