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Yamamoto acoustic craft vibration absorption gel-like adhesive sheet GS-9

Product code: GS-9

Yamamoto acoustic craft vibration absorption gel-like adhesive sheet GS-9

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Non-slip, fall prevention, vibration absorption

A soft, gel-like adhesive sheet that is mainly used under speakers to prevent slipping and tipping.
The material is urethane elastomer, a special gel-like sheet with adhesive properties that does not leave adhesive residue.
It is clear in color and has almost no effect on the equipment in which it is installed.
It is used to prevent speakers from moving or falling in the event of an earthquake.
A protective film is attached to both sides of the speaker, which should be peeled off and placed between the speaker and the stand.
The thickness of the film is 1mm, which is thin enough to minimize the impact on sound quality.

To use, first wipe off any dirt or debris at the installation site, then peel off the protective sheet on one side of the GS-9 and affix it to the installation site. Then, peel off the protective sheet from the remaining side and place the speaker or other object on the location. Since the GS-9 is adhesive, it is difficult to reposition it, so please choose the location carefully.

*The adhesive strength is not that strong, so it is not guaranteed to prevent the speakers from tipping over in the event of a major earthquake. Use at your own risk.
Material Urethane elastomer
Diameter 20mm